Arthritis Cures

Some Common Arthritis Cures

Arthritis cures may be at the top of your needs list if you are suffering from this joint pain.  You may have suffered with this pain for a very long time and had very little success finding something that will help you feel better.  Stress can be a factor when it comes to arthritis so it best to get some rest and relaxation when you are suffering.  However, there are other options as well and this article will discuss some of them.

Arthritis cures vary and one cure may not work for everyone.  Because of this, you should try different options.  When you are uncomfortable you are on a mission to get relief.  Do not become frustrated.  The more you try the more likely you are to find an arthritis cure that works for you.  First, try taking two teaspoons of lemon juice and mixing it in hot water with one teaspoon on honey.  Do this twice a day and enjoy it while you relax in a comfortable location.  Find somewhere away from the stress of life.  Everyone needs a break and this may be exactly what you need.  Another tea remedy that you could try is alfalfa tea.  You will do this twice a day just like the last option.

If you do not have the ingredients to try the tea cures that were mentioned you can try purchasing some vinegar and warming it.  Once you have it nice and warm you will rub it on the joints that are aching.  This has been very effective for many people in the past.  You could do this before bedtime.  When you have finished doing this you can take a tablespoon of cod liver oil and mix it with the juice from an orange.  Mix this up very well and drink it.  Do this before bedtime as well, just after you have rubbed your joints with the vinegar. These arthritis cures are very effective for helping you sleep well and pain free.  

Rather than mixing teas and such throughout the day, you may want to take a simple pill that is going to be an effective cure for your pain.  In that case, you can try taking arthcare oils and capsules.  Using these will help your joints and muscles move more comfortably.  This is wonderful because that is where the pain related to arthritis comes from.  These cures are also going to increase your energy.  They have a very strong anti-inflammatory that makes them work rapidly.  You may want to try this and keep it on hand in your medicine cabinet for those long days.

Shallaki is also used to help increase blood flow to the joints.  It has a lot of positive results for arthritis patients and it can be very effective for individuals who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.  This herb is often found in India and it has been used there for many years to help patients with arthritis.

Other arthritis cures include bathing in Epsom salt and eating cherries.  The Epsom salt has magnesium that is needed by the body and is often lacking in the human diet.  This magnesium is going to help decrease inflammation that leads to arthritis pain.  Cherries have been known for their ability to fight inflammation for years. So, purchase this wonderful fruit to enjoy throughout the day.  They taste great and they are sure to make you feel better.

With so many arthritis cures floating around out there you are sure to find something that is going to make you more comfortable.  You can always talk to your doctor about some of the different remedies discussed here if you are worried about the effects.  It is best to check with your doctor before you start any type of treatment.  He or she may even be able to tell you how to get better results from some of the recommendations listed here.