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The FDA recommends that each individual eat a minimum of three servings of whole-grain foods every day.


Just being in good health isn't always enough to prevent you from being caught up in an outbreak of influenza. Even taking an antiviral medicine such as Tamiflu won't guarantee you'll escape the virus.


One of the health benefits linked to eggplant nutrition is the reduction of cholesterol levels which improves heart health.


A sprained finger is an injury that stretches the ligaments in the fingers, or the thumb if it is a sprained thumb.


The knee is a complex joint that needs everything to be working in sync for it to do its job.


When you increase your metabolism, you are more apt to lose weight or, put another way, less apt to gain weight.


Every dog is going to get diarrhea several times through their lives; from the time they are puppies until the time when they are old.