Relieve Heartburn

Ways to Relieve Heartburn

Trying to relieve heartburn is a priority for millions of people.  That horrific burning sensation deep in the chest is not just painful but sometimes, frightening.  In fact, many people have experienced heartburn, also known as indigestion so severely they honestly believed they were having a heart attack.  This problem is actually caused by a number of things such as eating hot or spicy foods, going to bed on a full stomach, and even being pregnant as the growing baby puts pressure upward and on the stomach.

Today, you can find a variety of prescription and over-the-counter medication that help relieve heartburn and in most cases, they work amazingly well.  Typically, if someone has heartburn a number of general medications found at the local drugstore would be tried but when that fails, they meet with the doctor who in turn prescribes medication specifically to provide relief from the symptoms.

Another option to relieve heartburn is to use any number of home remedies.  While some people may not believe these solutions work, the truth is that some work better than any medication that could be purchased.  If you suffer from indigestion and desperately want to eliminate that burning sensation, you might try any of the following that have been shown to be very helpful to relieve heartburn.