Heart Spasms

What You Should Know about Heart Spasms

Heart spasms may result in a heart attack.  That is why they should be taken very seriously.  If you believe that you are having these types of complications you are going to want to contact your doctor and be checked out.  These are caused because the heart is not going to be getting enough blood.  This is very serious so it should not be taken lightly.



The cause of heart spasms is usually not known.  However, many young people may damage their arteries due to drug use, smoking a lot or even stress in some cases.  It is very important to notify your doctor of any of these issues if you are suffering from these types of spasms.  When your doctor has this information they are going to be able to identify the cause of the spasms a little bit quicker.

Heart spasms may be accompanied by other symptoms as well.  You are going to want to know what these are so that you can fully understand why it is important to get the doctor as soon as possible.  Along with the spasms, you may notice heart palpitations.  You may also feel dizzy or lightheaded.  You may have tension in your chest area followed by sweating and feeling sick to your stomach.  When you notice all of these complications along with the heart spasms, you are going to want to be examined as soon as possible.

The doctor may order a test called an ECG when you get to the office.  This is going to measures the rhythm of the heart.  The results of the test are going to let the doctor know if there is a problem that needs to be investigated further.  You may be asked to wear a monitor for a few days for this test or you may need to wear the monitor and exercise at the same time.  It is up to your doctor what he or she feels is appropriate.

There are a few different ways to stop the heart spasms or help your body deal with any other symptoms that may be felt.  First of all, you may be asked to stop any medications that could be triggering the heart spasms.  You will most likely need to stop any illicit drug use or smoking.  You may also be placed on medications that will help stop the spasms.  Your doctor is going to want to have some follow-up appointments with you so that they can monitor any difficulties or other issues that arise.

When you develop heart spasms you need to be evaluated by your doctor.  You are going to want to let them know about any medications you are on or any drugs that you are using.  You should also let your doctor know when you first noticed the spasms and how often they are occurring.  All of these things are going to help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis so that they can help you feel better.

You need to take these spasms seriously and stop unhealthy behavior that may be causing them.  If you smoke and you are unable to quit on your own you should research what types of products are available to help you.  Be sure to read all of the warnings so that you can ensure that they are not going to contribute to spasms.  You can also spend time online looking for different programs and diets that may help you in the long run.  If you take this seriously you are going to help yourself get better.  You really do not want to wait until it is too late because you may not get another chance.