Baggy Eyes

A Closer Look At Those Baggy Eyes

Got baggy eyes? This situation is not to be confused with puffy eyes, usually a more temporary disorder, or circles under the eyes, although the terms are sometime used interchangeably. There are many things that can cause puffy eyes, crying for one, and the condition often goes away as long as it appears. Dark circles under the eyes are often the result of blood vessels appearing through the thin skin, pigmentation changes, or both.

What Causes Baggy Eyes? - Baggy eyes are a long term, slowly developing situation. Fat in the eye socket is pushed or allowed to extend outward, creating pockets which we see as bags. There are several ways to treat baggy eyes, but the condition is usually irreversible, and incurable outside of performing surgery. Just as is the case with puffy eyes, there are a number of causes of baggy eyes. Proper nutrition and maintaining an adequate intake of vitamin C seems to be the best approach to preventing the problem. Good skin care practices probably help too, though any preventive effects realized may be problematical. Genetics can also play a role. Some of us are more included to develop eye bags than others.

Eye bags can be symptom of an underlying disorder. Those who have thyroid dysfunction which affect the regulation of certain hormones can develop bags under the eyes as a symptom. In addition there are a host of things which, while not causing baggy eyes, can make them more noticeable. These are many of the same things which contribute to both puffy eyes and the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Medication which cause blood vessels to dilate can make the bags more noticeable, as can any skin disorder in the area, or inflammation due to an asthmatic condition or an allergic reaction. Even general tiredness can make the eye bags seem more pronounced than usual.

Temporary Treatment - Eye serums are sometime advertised as an effective treatment for baggy eyes. There is truth in such statements though serums are not a cure. What eye serums will do is change the coloration of the skin, and tighten the skin somewhat, making the eye bags appear smaller and less noticeable. An eye serum is a temporary fix, but often a satisfactory one. Applying cool compresses to the eyes is another way in which the eye bags can be made to appear smaller, as the coolness causes the skin to tighten.

The Surgical Option - To rid yourself completely of baggy eyes, surgery is really the only option. Eye bag surgery, a procedure called blepharoplasty, removes excess skin and fat from under the eyelid, and in some cases removes some muscle as well. A blepharoplasty will likely fall under the category of cosmetic surgery, and consequently may not be covered in many insurance plans, so it may pay to check that out prior to having the procedure done.

For some people, having baggy eyes doesn't seem to be all that much of a problem. The condition may even fit their personality in some cases. People who face the public often, such as on television, would usually rather not have them though and will often go to some lengths to get rid of the condition or at least try to mask it. Although aging is a contributing factor, it is not necessarily a major cause of eye bags. Fortunately, as we grow older, and as eye bags tend to slowly get larger, we either pay little notice to what is happening, or really don't care. It is nice to know however, if you really want to relieve yourself of baggy eyes, it's possible.