Benefits Of Cherries

What Are the Benefits of Cherries?

There are numerous benefits of cherries that many people may not even realize.  If you were to understand what these benefits were you may be more willing to eat them on a more regular basis.  They provide a lot of nutritional value to the body and they can help you decrease the chances of getting cancer.  They can even help slow down the aging process.  I think that anyone would be impressed with that.

There are sweet and tart cherries that can be consumed by the general population.  These fruits do not have fat in them and they are low in calories and salt content.  You are also going to find out that they have high minerals and vitamins in them that we need to be healthy.  This can also include potassium as well as vitamin C and vitamin B complex.  These are all very important to us and our health.  Why not enjoy a flavorful cherry and get everything we need in one fruit?

The benefits of cherries are even higher when you are consuming the tart cherries.  They have very high levels of antioxidants and vitamin E.  If you eat at least twenty of the tart cherries when you have a headache you may find that it goes away.  That is because these cherries have some of the same properties as aspirin that is taken when you do not feel well.  These can also be consumed to help you deal with jet lag and restlessness as well.  These can be utilized to help you regulate your sleep patterns if you have been traveling a lot and in between different time zones.  Keep a bag of cherries on hand just in case.

Other benefits of cherries include their ability to help lower blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.  They may also help you if you have pain because of damaged muscles or arthritis.  Individuals that eat a lot of cherries are also decreasing their likelihood of getting colon cancer.  It is easy to see that the benefits of cherries vary throughout the entire body.

The amazing thing about cherries is that they can be consumed in a lot of different ways.  That makes it a lot easier to benefit from their positive aspects.  You can eat them whole or you can even use them in different recipes.  Many people will use them around the holidays as a way to make pies or different types of cookies.  If you are the type of person that enjoys canning you may even consider using cherries to make jellies or jams.  You can also look in different recipe books for cooking options using cherries.

If you are going to use them on a regular basis you may want to purchase the tart cherries.  These cherries have the most benefits.  Talk to your doctor how many cherries you should be consuming throughout the week.  He or she is going to have access to the latest research and they are going to know the recommended daily allowances related to cherries and the vitamins and minerals that are found in the cherries.  There is no reason to avoid them if you know how beneficial they are to you and your health.  Get your children use to eating them at a young age so that they can benefit from them as well.  They do not have to know that they are good for them.  They are just going to know that they taste good.  That is all that matters to a kid anyways is it not?  So, there you have it.  Get to the store for some cherries.