Calcium Deficiency Symptoms

All About Calcium Deficiency Symptoms

It is very important to understand calcium deficiency symptoms because calcium is needed by the body and it is very necessary to ensure you are getting enough of it.  Actually, approximately 99% of it is found in bones and teeth.  This is what gives these parts of your body strength and makes them tough.  It is also needed to help the heart and muscles function properly.  Helping with clotting blood and digestion are other benefits of this mineral.

Calcium deficiency symptoms may never be a problem for you if you eat properly and do not have any other health conditions that may block it from being absorbed by the body.  Many of the foods that we eat (or should eat) have calcium in them and that is part of what makes them good for you.  The most recognized form and the one that may be the easiest to obtain is milk and milk products.  Calcium can also be found in green vegetables, almonds, mustard seeds and dried coconut.  People may also eat fish as a way to obtain some of the calcium they need.

There are numerous calcium deficiency symptoms that you may notice if you or someone you love is not getting enough of this mineral.  He or she may appear to be very tired.  They may become very lazy and look vary pale to you.  He or she may also become very irritable and complain of muscle aches, pains and cramps.  They may also become very nervous.  These symptoms can result in complications that are much worse if the calcium deficiency is not taken care of.  You may have very dense bones or tooth decay.  This can also result in heart problems as you may have heart palpitations.

If you are pregnant, the calcium deficiency symptoms that you suffer from are not going to only affect you.  Your child is most likely going to be born with a calcium deficiency as well.  Children that are faced with this problem are not going to grow properly and they are not going to have strong and healthy bones.  This is very important for small children as they learn to crawl and walk because you do not want your child to injure themselves.  They may also suffer from a lack of an appetite and they may get teeth later than other children.  When they do get teeth, they may be decayed.  Your child may eventually have respiratory or intestinal complications if these symptoms are not taken care of.  Young girls that are suffering from calcium deficiency symptoms are going to have other complications such as developing into puberty at a late time or having complications with their menstrual cycle.  They may also suffer from severe cramping.

It is very important to make sure that you and your family are getting the correct amount of calcium that is needed in order to help you maintain strong and healthy bones.  You may not have realized everything that calcium can do for you but after reading this article you should have a better understanding of all of the complications that can be seen if you are not getting enough of this mineral.  You can always talk to your doctor about finding a way to increase calcium in your body.  If you have a health problem that is blocking the calcium from being absorbed into your body you are going to want your doctor to help you solve this problem as well.  Talk to your child’s doctor as well to ensure that he or she is getting the correct amount of calcium that he or she needs to grow up big and strong as well.