Calories In Cabbage

Calories in Cabbage – Less is Better

There really are not that many calories in cabbage.  Of course it does depend on what type of cabbage you are consuming.  There are different types of cabbage and each one may have a different amount of calories.  But, overall, you are going to be consuming a vegetable that has less than 300 calories per full head.  This is a great thought when today’s society is so full of fast food and take out meals.  Eating something that is good for you is a treat.

Because of the calories in cabbage, there have been several different revolving around it.  One of the most popular diets consists of soup made out of cabbage.  It is actually rumored that you can lose up to fifteen pounds a week on this diet.  You would start by making the cabbage soup.  This consists of ingredients such as Lipton soup mix, celery and other flavorings like bell peppers.  Once you have made the soup there are recommended daily allotments for how much of this soup that you can eat for the day.  Throughout the process you will also be eating fruits and consuming skim milk.  The amount you can eat of each of this is also specified.  By the end of the week you will begin adding carbohydrates such as rice and protein such as meat.

Because there are so few calories in cabbage and you are eating other low calorie fruits you are not going to be consuming the recommended amount of calories each day.  Because of this, you need to be very careful.  Not consuming enough calories can be just as dangerous as consuming to many.  People often focus on the weight loss rather than some of the negative effects that it can have on the body.  There are negative consequences related to this.

You may want to eat balanced meals for breakfast and lunch and then have cabbage soup for dinner along with a fruit and skim milk.  Take the time to plan your meals in advance and talk to your doctor about the amount of calories that you should be consuming on a daily basis.  Everyone is different and that is part of the problem with fad diets.  You have to find a healthy way to make it work for you.  Fad diets can also become a problem once you stop following the diet.  You are most likely going to find yourself putting the calories back on and some people even end up heavier than they were before they began the diet in the first place.

You should never start a diet without talking to your physician first.  You can talk to him or her about the amount of calories in cabbage and ask how he or she would recommend you work cabbage into your diet.  You want to know if cabbage has anything in it that may be bad for you as well.  Just because something has low calories does not mean that it is going to supply you with all of the vitamins and nutrients that you need to be healthy.  You want to make sure that you are not getting too much of a certain vitamin or mineral as well.  This can cause various health risks that many people do not consider.

Yes, it is true; the calories in cabbage are extremely low.  That does not mean that your body can survive on cabbage alone or that you are going to become super model thin by eating it.  We all know that a balanced diet is best.  If you are considering starting a diet plan you should talk to your doctor.  Find a way that works best for you and your body type.  Spend time researching different types of diets so that you will be able to make healthy and informed decisions.  Eating better needs to be a change in lifestyle, not just a phase you are going through.