Cantaloupe Nutrition

All You Need to Know About Cantaloupe Nutrition

Cantaloupe nutrition may often be over looked when you are consuming this sweet fruit.  No matter why you eat it, there are numerous nutritional benefits that come from enjoying the cantaloupe.  Better understanding these benefits may increase the likelihood of consumption and may make you more willing to purchase it the next time you go to the store.  Spend some time considering all of its benefits the next time you bite into a piece.

For starters, this fruit is very high in antioxidants that can help fight off cancer and heart disease.  It is also a good source of folic acid which is good for pregnant women and the health of their unborn children.  Other benefits include high levels of dietary fiber, beta carotenes, and potassium.  So far it sounds like cantaloupe nutrition is very high.

Cantaloupe has a unique type of compound within it that is a wonderful aid for fighting off blood clots that may take place in the cardiovascular system of our bodies.  This benefit alone should be enough to make people want to eat it regularly.  Because of the vitamin C that is found within it, it also helps your body fight off the hardening of the arteries.  Your vision can also benefit from this fruit because of the high levels of beta carotene that is found within it.  This helps prevent against cataracts as you get older.

LDL is bad cholesterol.  When we consume foods and drinks that have anti-oxidants we are helping keep our bad cholesterol down.  This is wonderful because we all know that high cholesterol can lead to other complications.  If you are suffering from high blood pressure that is caused from too much salt in the body then you may want to look at cantaloupe nutrition.  This fruit will help your body get rid of extra salt.  In turn, your blood pressure may begin to decrease.

Your body uses white blood cells in order to fight infection.  Cantaloupe has a lot of vitamin C in it and this vitamin is responsible for stimulating the white blood cells to do their job.  It may have calming effects as well as it has been known to calm your nerves and help decrease anxiety.  This may be a good fruit to eat if you are having trouble sleeping.   The same can be true if you are just having a stressful day because it has been known to decrease your heart rate and help you relax.  Interestingly enough it may even help you stop smoking.  It has been found to help reduce nicotine withdrawal.  This can help people that are trying to stop this nasty habit because your body will be getting more vitamin A from the fruit which is normally taken from the body when you smoke.

It is easy to see that cantaloupe nutrition goes a long way.  We all know that it is good to eat fruits and vegetables but this article shows just how important that is.  There are so many different benefits to this simple fruit that it may be in your best interest to start eating it regularly.  If you get tired of eating this raw fruit you may want to spend some time researching what you can do with it.  You will most likely be able to find a lot of recipes for cantaloupe so that you do not become bored with it.  No one likes to eat the same thing all of the time just because it is good for you.  Therefore, get creative and find other ways to enjoy it.  You may be glad that you did in the long run.