Carbs In Avocado

Should The Carbs in Avocado Be A Concern?

The carbs in avocado vary depending on what type it is and where it grows. But this makes little to no difference when you think about how beneficial avocados are. People think that because the avocado is high in calories and carbs, it isn’t a good choice while dieting. But because the avocado has so many healthy benefits and the carbs present are not that high, people should consider eating them while trying to control and maintain weight.

People tend to shy away from eating high calorie foods when trying to diet. But one of the biggest mistakes made while dieting is not eating enough substantial food to make us feel satisfied. Depriving your self of food increases cravings.  So you may be setting yourself up for defeat, if you do this. The best way to lose weight is to eat foods that are good for you. The body needs nutrients and vitamins everyday not only to be able to function but to also lose weight. Eating carbs gives us the energy to move and they also stop cravings because foods that contain carbs are filling. So the carbs in avocado are insignificant compared to its advantages.

Carbs or carbohydrates are sources of energy that can be found in different types of foods. Four, sugar and foods that contain high fiber all have carbs. They break down in the body and turn in glucose which is a type of sugar. We all need a certain amount of carbs everyday. But if people eat too many with out burning them off through exercise, they turn to fat. This is why there are specific diets that eliminate carbohydrates altogether.

Since we know we need carbs everyday we are left to wonder how many we need a day to function. For a normal two thousand calorie diet it is recommended that people consume one hundred and eighty two to hundred and thirty grams of carbs a day. But it also says that this all depends on activity levels. For example, a long distance runner or bicycler can consume as much as three times the recommended amount of carbs because they need them for energy. But a person who is not that active will not need that much and must limit their intake. That’s why foods like avocados are so helpful. Only a small amount goes a long way and they are perfect choice for your daily intake of carbs.

There are around seventeen carbs in avocado. This is the count for a medium sized, ripened avocado and this is an average assumption. The fuerte avocado grows primarily in Florida and has the lowest carb count out of all the different types. The Haas avocado can be found in California and it to, has a lower carb count. These types of avocados have unique flavors also so before you choose one for the carb and calorie count make sure you like the taste.

Beneficial carbs in avocado are not the only ingredients they contain that are helpful for the body. They lower cholesterol and they also lower the risk of heart disease because avocados are rich in beta-sitosterol. They are a great source of anti oxidants because they are also rich in vitamins E and C. Antioxidants help fight free radicals that can make us age faster and they even help to protect us from certain ailments and diseases like cancer.  Since they are a denser type of food, they are far more likely to satisfy an appetite, while diet foods can leave people feeling hungry. Incorporating avocados into a daily diet is not only beneficial for dieters but for everyone else too.