Carrot Tanning Oil

The Facts about Carrot Tanning Oil

Carrot tanning oil is a new product which can help protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays, and also help sunbathers to get the bronze tan they desire. In spite of the fact that skin cancer affects more Americans every year than any other form of cancer, the number of people heading to the beaches to get a tan is still amazingly high. Statistics show that of people under the age of 25, sixty percent seek to get a tan every year. You can find two million people who regularly go to sun tanning salons.



So why are so many people unafraid of UV rays? The main reason is that most people feel that as long as they have the protection of sunscreens, lying out in the sun getting a tan is safe. The problem is, studies show that traditional sunscreens do prevent sunburn, but they do not prevent the more serious effects of exposure to UVR--ultra violet radiation, the main one of which is skin cancer. You can get skin cancer from UV exposure even you do not get sunburn upon sunburn.

That is why sunbathers are now embracing carrot tanning oil. Studies show that topically using antioxidants, especially carotenoids, with regular sunscreens can help prevent the damaging effects of the sun. Carrot tanning oil is a mixture of oil and an orange extract from carrots containing carotenoids. Carotenoids are antioxidants which prevent cell damage from free radicals, and UVR is one of the free radicals, along with environmental pollution and cigarette smoke.

The cell damage from free radicals can cause many different conditions including cancer and premature aging. You would get the same antioxidants from eating carrots but not the golden sun tan. And, just to set the record straight, the golden tan from carrot oil does not have an extra-orange tint from the carrots. Antioxidants or carotenoids have been proven to prevent several kinds of cancer, and carrots have over 600 carotenoids which have been identified.

Some sun care products contain only beta-carotene, but that is just one of the 600 carotenoids. Carrot tanning oil also contains another powerful antioxidant, tocopheryl, otherwise known as vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to help heal skin from sunburn and it also helps to reduce the negative effects of UVR. Vitamin E has long been used by women as an anti-aging agent, and is regularly found in skin creams and lotions.

Carrot tanning oil is golden color, more like the color of a good tan than the orange of carrots. Unlike what some people seem to think, carrot oil does not make the skin orange. When you use carrot oil, check the label of ingredients to make sure it does not contain mineral oil. Mineral oil negates many of the positive effects of antioxidants. Mineral oil is the same as baby oil and it actually stops the body from absorbing such nutrients as vitamin E.

According to the most current research, combining carrot tanning oil with a traditional sunscreen is the most effective way to get a good tan and keep your skin safe from cancer. Although this answer is more expensive than sunscreens alone, the results are certainly more than worth the extra cost. Especially since the largest consumers of sun tanning products are teenagers, who still have their entire lives ahead of them. In places such as Florida and Southern California, where warm weather and beaches abound, don’t be surprised to see sunbathers applying a deep golden oil to the skin instead of the typical suntan lotion. Some companies are even making carrot tanning oil with a choice of scents.