Chesty Cough

Soothing a Chesty Cough

If you are suffering from a chesty cough you may be searching for some ways to improve this uncomfortable cough.  While people generally cough once or twice a day, when you are coughing on a regular basis there may be a serious complication such as an infection or something more serious.  If your cough has just started you may want to find a way to decrease this problem before it gets any worse.  This article is going to discuss a few things that you may be able to try in order to decrease this chesty cough before it gets any worse.

The first thing that you can try would be an herbal tea.  This has been used for a very long time and it does work very well for helping decrease coughing.   You can start by purchasing a black tea or a chamomile tea.  Make yourself some really hot water and place the tea bag in the water.  Next you will add some honey and some lemon.  The lemon helps to release the good chemicals in the tea and the honey will make your throat feel better.  Once this has cooled slightly you are ready to drink your cough away.  Take a slow drink each time that you feel like you need to cough.

Another option that you have to help with a chesty cough is taking some garlic syrup.  While this does not sound very good at all, it is often very helpful and will make you feel better.  You begin making this syrup by cutting up some garlic cloves and placing them into a mason jar that has a tight lid.  Once you have place the garlic into the container you will want to pour honey over the garlic and place the lid on very tight.  Let this sit in your refrigerator for 24 hours.  You will then want to take a tablespoon of the mixture in order to fight off your cough.  You will repeat this process whenever you begin to feel like you need to cough.  It is a good idea to let this mixture sit for up to two weeks in order to get the best results.  Therefore, if the cold season is upon you, you may want to get it ready and leave it in the fridge just in case.  It will be ready when you need it.

The final option you have to help sooth a chesty cough is ginger.  This is used to help decrease any coughing that you may be experiencing.  You can purchase ginger in several different forms but you will want to use the ginger root for helping with your chesty cough.  You will simply need to cut a piece of the ginger root off and chew it up in order to help stop your cough.  You will do this each time you feel like you need to cough.

When searching for ways to decrease your chesty cough, you may need to try several different things.  What works for one person may not work for another.  However, you do not want to let this cough go on for a really long time either.  If you have had this cough for a long time and it is not improving you may need to see your doctor.  He or she will be able to determine what is causing your cough.  Once you know the cause you will be better able to find a treatment option that is going to work for you.

If you are suffering from a chesty cough and you also have pain or bleeding you will want to get to your doctors office as soon as possible. You do not want to wait until it is too late and something is seriously wrong.  It is always best to find out what is going on so that you can be treated properly.