Chin Liposuction

A Few Facts About Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction is usually performed with the idea of eliminating a double chin in mind. A double chin is characterized by an accumulation of fat and loose skin. It's a situation that just seems to happen, and one we usually have no idea what to do about.

We often hear about liposuction performed on other parts of the body. Excess fat is removed either for the sake of appearance, for health and medical reasons, or both. Generally though, liposuction falls in the category of cosmetic surgery, and chin liposuction is no different. Liposuction is not terribly invasive, in that the incisions made to enable fatty tissue to be withdrawn are quite small. Local anesthesia is usually all that is required, and recovery is rapid.

Are There Any Risks? - There are risks associated with liposuction, as is the case with any surgical procedure. One can sometimes experience bruising in the affected area, and even numbness and swelling, though these conditions are temporary. Blood clots and infection are always a possibility, even if slight, and damage to body organs or other complications can sometimes happen.  In this regard, chin liposuction is one of the safer procedures, as the amount of fat being withdrawn is quite small as compared to a procedure on the abdomen for example. Also there are no vital organs in the immediate vicinity of where the surgery is being performed. Chin liposuction is probably no more risky than having a tooth extracted, and is probably less painful during recovery.

The Procedure - A laser is often used in chin liposuction to break up the fat before it is removed. The actual removal of excess fat can usually be accomplished in less than half an hour. The operation may take a bit more time if there is an excess of loose skin to be dealt with, as is sometimes the case. Chin liposuction is not like having a face lift where many facial muscles are involved. A face lift may result in a significant amount of swelling and bleeding, and the recovery period can be quite long, and at first painful. In chin liposuction the amount of blood loss is very small, almost insignificant. It will be necessary to wear a head wrap for the first few days of the recovery process, but recovery is usually complete in about a week's time.

The Cost Of Chin Liposuction - The cost of chin liposuction, also called submental liposuction, will usually be in the range of $2,500 to $3,000 dollars, covering the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, and outpatient costs. The cost may be higher in certain locations, and may be higher if the jaw line is to be enhanced as a part of the procedure. The amount of fat to be removed can be a factor as well, though for most people the $2,500 to $3,000 figures probably holds true. As chin liposuction is regarded as cosmetic surgery, some insurance plans may not cover it, so it's best to check first, rather than assume the insurance company will pay part of the cost.

Who Is A Good Candidate? - There is no particular age limit as far as undergoing a chin liposuction procedure is concerned. It is seldom that younger adults feel a need for such a procedure, and most senior citizens probably do not care if the procedure were to be done or not. The ideal candidates would be those nearing middle age, or slightly older, who have a definite double chin, and whose skin is still young and quite elastic. Chin liposuction can certainly make a striking difference in one's appearance, and is a relatively risk free operation, and one from which recovery is quite rapid. It may boil down to a matter of being affordable for most interested candidates.