Choleric Personality

What Makes a Choleric Personality?

If you are a born leader, have a deep need for change, or people see you as a dynamic leader, you probably have a choleric personality.  These people often feel as though they must correct wrongs, or feel that things are very much unsettled, but yet they still attract many people to themselves. There are many different levels to this type of personality, and we will discuss those here in detail.

How to Know if You Are Choleric

The best way to know whether or not you have a choleric personality is to try taking a personality quiz. Many find this a waste of time if they feel they already know a lot about themselves, but it can certainly help you if you aren’t so sure.

If you know that you are a strong willed person, or you seem to be able to make decisions more quickly than others, than you are probably a choleric. If you are not easily discouraged, but you can become more emotional than necessary you may have a choleric personality. Keep in mind that what makes a choleric person are not just a few traits here and there, but it’s a combination of personality traits that give the person away. While the choleric person has many good traits that put them above the rest, they certainly have their weaknesses too.

The Weaknesses of the Choleric

The strong will of the choleric person can sometimes outweigh the strong benefits of their personality. For example, while they can make decisions quickly and are usually right, they can become bossy and impatient with those who can’t. There are many people who tend to go back and forth on an idea, and while it seems they just can’t make up their minds, they might just be giving it a lot of thought. Those who have a choleric personality tend to have a lot of drive for everyday life, and for what they do. This can make others feel like they are left in the dust, but they are just very ambitious and ready to get things going because they don’t like to wait.

One other weakness that can be viewed as very offensive by others, is giving answers too quickly, or not having sympathy for others. This is what takes the most work with this personality type as they don’t see the need for a change. They just think that they are being strong, or that they are providing a shoulder to lean on. However, many view this as a problem. Initially, when people get to know you, they don’t evaluate you as harshly, but over time it can certainly take its toll on your relationships. Being choleric does make you a strong person, but being choleric can also have a strong impact on what people see.

If you still have any doubt as to where you fit in, you might want to consider taking a personality test. Be sure to answer it honestly, because that is the only way you will be able to figure these things out.

For the choleric person, life can be interesting, but it will also be a lot of work. Maintaining relationships and friendships is very important if you value family and friends. It can sometimes wear you down, but the harder you work at making small changes along the way, the quicker the changes will occur.

If you aren’t sure how to salvage a friendship or family relationship that has been torn as a result of conflicting personalities, tell this person about the discoveries you have made, and go from there. Nothing in life is worth losing a friend over.