Cocaine Side Effects

Hurtful Cocaine Side Effects

If anyone has ever used the drug cocaine, they already know about the harmful cocaine side effects. Cocaine is made from the coca plant that can be found in Columbia, Peru and Bolivia. If you were to chew the leaves of this plant you would feel energized and excited. The same can be said for cocaine but it goes through a chemical processing that makes it more potent than the simple coca leaf. After this processing, cocaine can become highly addictive to the user and this causes cocaine side effects.

Cocaine is one of the most frequently used drugs in the world. It is obtainable either in powdered or solid form. The user ingests the powder by sniffing or snorting it into the nostril. In solid form it is called crack and this is smoked in a pipe. This crack form of cocaine goes through yet another process to be changed into a solid substance.

Either way these types of drugs are ingested, the cocaine side effects are the same. Since cocaine is so highly addictive, the effects will be felt over and over again and as drug use progresses. Some of these cocaine side effects can be extremely harmful or even fatal.

Shortly after the cocaine is ingested, the side effects can begin. The first thing the user will feel is excitability and he may become very talkative. He may want to participate in an activity or partake in a conversation for a long period of time. The user may also become agitated, restless or nervous.

If used over a long period of time by snorting the substance the nasal passage may become damaged. The septum can suffer and the cartilage in the nose can also be severely damaged. Over time the user can suffer from bloody noses, constant nasal drainage and a stuffy nose. Nasal pain can also be felt.

When a user ingests solid cocaine or crack, it can damage the teeth. This also happens when the coca leaf is chewed for a long period of time. The front teeth usually will turn a brown to black tar color and this can cause decay and rotting of the teeth.

The heart can be negatively affected by the long term use of cocaine. Right after ingesting the drug the heart begins to beat at a faster rate. Over time users can experience an abnormal rapid heart beat and the heart can begin to be damaged. If the cocaine use isn't stopped it can result in a heart attack.

People who ingest cocaine over long periods of time can have seizures by overdosing on the drug. The cocaine affects the central nervous system and this can result in convulsing. In extreme cases, this can be fatal.


Another symptom of using cocaine for a long period of time is hallucinations or paranoia. This can be a result of taking a large amount of the drug and staying up for days on end. Any time a person does not get enough rest, the body becomes so fatigued that a person can experience delusions and hallucinations. The person can become reclusive or extremely nervous around other people.

Impotence can happen by ingesting too much cocaine. The lack of concentration and excitability that comes with doing large amounts of cocaine can affect an erection. The user might be able to achieve an erection but he probably will not be able to have an orgasm.

Cocaine is one of the most addictive and harmful drugs that a person can abuse. Continuous use of this drug can be damaging to vital organs and it can even cause death.