Coconut Water Benefits

What are the Coconut Water Benefits?

Coconut water benefits are very important to understand if you are interested in drinking it.  Coconut water is the liquid that is found within the coconut.  It has a lot of positive qualities when it is first removed from the coconut.  What is important to realize is that it often begins to lose some of these qualities when the air hits it.  At this point, it begins to ferment.  This article is going to touch on some of the most important coconut water benefits so that you will really understand what makes drinking it so good for you.

First of all, coconut water will help keep your body cool as it lowers your temperature.  It also helps carry oxygen to the cells in your body. It has been known to promote weight loss and it will help you clean out your digestive tract as well.  Coconut water benefits also include helping with circulation and helping the body break down kidney stones.  So far, it sounds that coconut water is really good for the human body.

Suffering from intestinal worms is something that no one wants to experience. If you have access to coconut water and olive oil you will be able to clear this problem up within three days.  You will take the coconut water and add one tablespoon of the oil and mix it together.  You should drink this for three days in order to help the worms go away.  Coconut water benefits also include the fact that it can help decrease vomiting and it is good as a relief for hangovers.    

If you are wondering if coconut water is for you, think about this.  It actually has less fat than regular milk and it has no cholesterol.  It is also much better for you than if you were to drink a class of orange juice.  It also has a lot less calories than consuming a glass of orange juice in the morning.  This water is also naturally sterile as it is filtered when it comes through the shell of the coconut.  Coconut water benefits also include saving the lives of individuals in third world counties as it is used in coconut IVs on patients that are ill.  Coconut water is very similar to the plasma that is found in the body’s blood.  Because of this, it can be used in blood transfusions as well.  This was actually used a lot during World War II.

It today’s society, everyone consumes sports drinks.  Coconut water is actually better for you than the typical sports drink.  It has more potassium than most of the energy drinks that you find on the market.  It also has a lot less sodium than what is found in these drinks so it is better for you in that respect as well.  You are also going to find natural sugars in coconut water compared to artificial sugars and flavors that are processed into the sports drinks.

If you do plan to purchase a coconut for the liquid that is inside, you are going to want to remember that air will take away from the nutrients that are found in the coconut water.  Because of this, you are not going to want to open the coconut until you are ready to actually drink the water.  This is going to keep it fresh so that you are getting all of the nutrients that you should be getting.  If you are going to go through the process of obtaining the coconut milk, you are going to want to make it worth it.  You already know the coconut water benefits.  Now, the only thing to decide is if you are ready to make the change.