Collar Bone Pain

Information Related to Collar Bone Pain

Collar bone pain is something that could be very uncomfortable for anyone that is experiencing it.  It can also be cause for alarm because that person is going to want to know what is causing the pain.  This article is going to look some of the causes of collar bone pain and also some of the basic treatments that you may need if you are suffering from this type of pain.  Understanding this type of pain will help you handle it better if you are suffering from it.

The first thing to remember is that a fractured or broken collar bone actually is very common.  Many times an athlete may suffer from collar bone pain if he or she is injured.  These types of injuries may also be found in newborns as they may have an injury to their collar bone when they are born.  People may also harm their collar bones if they fall on their shoulders.

If you have a fractured or broken collar bone you are most likely going to have some symptoms.  The first symptom that is going to notify you that something is wrong is collar bone pain.  This pain can be sudden or it can last for a longer period of time.  You may begin to have a difficult time moving your arm and the area around your shoulder is going to start to swell and bruise.  These are things that are very uncommon if you do not have an injury to your arm or collar bone.  You may also notice that once you no longer have any swelling, you can feel the break if you touch that area.  All of the signs should alert you that you need to see a doctor.

Once you get to the doctors office, he or she is going to want to take an X-ray of that area.  They are going to want to see the extent of the damage that was done.  They are going to need to see how bad the fracture or break is as well as if there are multiple injuries or just one.  You doctor is also going to perform certain tests in order to determine if the nerves and blood vessels around the collar bone are injured.  If they are, you will need different types of treatment to help with those complications as well.

You are going to need to rest the area if you are having collar bone pain.  Most likely the doctor is not going to do surgery unless the skin is broken or the break is too wide for the bone to heal properly without it.  The brace is going to help you keep your arm still so that it can heal properly.  This is also going to help the pain lessen as well.  You are going to want the pain to go away as soon as possible.  If you can feel that the bone is broken when the pain begins you will need to go the emergency room as soon as possible so that it can be taken care.  The doctor may also be able to give you some type of medication that is going to help with the pain.

When you get to the doctor’s office or the emergency room, you are going to also let them know how the injury took place.  If you feel you need to let them know that.  If you were in an accident you will need to let them know that as well.  It is important for the doctor to understand how the injury took place so that they know what area of the body they are looking for.  They are also going to know what type of tests to run so that they can find out the extent of the injury.