Constant Urge To Urinate

Some Important Facts About the Constant Urge to Urinate

Having the constant urge to urinate could indicate a serious medical problem that should be addressed as soon as possible. When someone feels the urge to urinate on a frequent basis, or if the urge comes over him or her suddenly and urgently, this often means that there is something wrong.

Another problem is waking in the night to urinate; most people can sleep through the night without having to get up and use the restroom. When men reach middle age they may begin having to get up at least once during the night to urinate.

Having the constant urge to urinate can indicate a bladder infection. The reason for feeling like you must urinate when you have a bladder infection is due to inflammation of the bladder, which leaves less room to hold urine. The result is that any urine in the bladder tends to bring on the urge to use the restroom. Some other common causes of this problem include such conditions as pregnancy, diabetes, as well as some conditions of the prostate.

Other medical conditions that can lead to the constant urge to urinate include certain types of medicines, over active bladder syndrome, interstitial cystitis, which is long-term inflammation of the bladder. You will also find that such conditions as prostatitis and certain neurological diseases, as well as radiation therapy can cause someone to feel like they constantly have to urinate.

Although less common, some more serious diseases that can bring on the constant urge to urinate include, bladder cancer and bladder dysfunction. For people who have problems with sleeping through the night without having to wake up and urinate there could be a couple of different conditions that will cause this. Most often not drinking too much liquid before bedtime and avoiding caffeine and alcohol can solve the problem. For men, another cause could be an enlarged prostate.

Because having the constant urge to urinate can indicate a serious medical condition you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to be evaluated; if you should experience a fever, back pain, or chills you will also want to see your doctor right away. This is also true if you suddenly have an increase in appetite or thirst, or experience a sudden weight loss. Another symptom to watch for is extreme fatigue. In addition to these symptoms, if you have a constant urge to urinate in combination with symptoms such as a bloody or cloudy urine, as well as any type of discharge.

There are several tests that can be performed that can help your doctor diagnose the medical condition that is causing you to have the constant urge to urinate. This may include a urinalysis, an ultrasound, as well as neurological tests. Before visiting your doctor it would be a good idea to keep a journal documenting how often you are urinating, and if there are any other problems present, such as bloody or cloudy urine, pain, etc.


The treatment your doctor prescribes to treat the constant urge to urinate will depend on what condition is causing the problem. Treatment could be as simple as taking some antibiotics, or it may involve treating the root cause of the problem, in the case where you have a condition such as diabetes. It is important to understand that the constant urge to urinate is often a symptom of another problem.

If you or someone you know is experiencing the constant urge to urinate, it is important that you contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible. The sooner you begin treating the cause of this symptom, the better. Only your doctor can determine for sure what is causing the frequent urge to urinate.