Cottage Cheese Diet

Primary Benefits of the Cottage Cheese Diet


Over the years, all types of new diets have surfaced to include the cottage cheese diet.  While some diets work or at least provide benefits, others are downright dangerous.  Before going on any diet, it would be important to talk to your doctor to make sure any health issue or medication taken could be discussed.  Once the doctor agrees the diet is safe, then you would need to set your mind for success.

Getting ready for the summer months or simply trying to lose weight to achieve better health are good reasons to start an effective diet.  One of the things about the cottage cheese diet that makes it so unique is that often, diets recommend people avoid dairy products.  Even so, people who have used this diet are astounded with the results, finding they have more energy and lose weight fast.

Numerous benefits come from being on the cottage cheese diet, some that include the following:

As you review the rules of this diet, you will find several versions.  For instance, one of the stricter options consists of eating nothing but cottage cheese.  Other versions recommend adding different ingredients to include various spices, onion, garlic, etc.  Of the two, most people agree that having a variety of flavors makes the diet easier to follow, which means quicker results.

The downside of a diet such as this is eating the same food day in and day out.  No matter how committed you are to lose weight and stick with the diet chances are you would begin slip.  For this reason, we now see yet another version of the diet, one that uses cottage cheese with other low calories foods.  For instance, you might add this ingredient to omelets or add to a salad.

With the cottage cheese diet, you want to remember to avoid eating this food with other specific foods such as nuts or fruits within four hours of each other.  Studies show that making this mistake actually has a negative effect by slowing the metabolism.  Therefore, for the quickest and best results, you want to keep a positive attitude, try various seasonings to spruce up the flavor, and try the diet to see if it works for you.  If nothing else, the cottage cheese diet is healthy.