Different Types Of Nurses

Different Types of Nurses

Those dreaming of a career in nursing should understand that there are different types of nurses. Based on course and length of study, the type of nurse that you choose to become will determine how much you will be paid and the type of work that you will be allowed to do.

Below are brief descriptions of some of the different types of nurses.

Type of Degree

Some types of nursing degrees require a course of study that lasts less than two years. Others require much more education. With a two year degree, you can become an LPN, or licensed practicing nurse. Those with more advanced degrees can be RNs, or registered nurses. With even more education, you can become a nurse practitioner. This title, as well as those of other types of advanced nursing degrees, allow you to actually see patients under the supervision of a doctor.


Another way to separate different types of nurses is by specialty. Some will choose to become oncology nurses, while others will choose pediatric nursing. Some will focus on women’s issues, while others will find their niche in critical care or as an emergency room nurse.

What Hospital?

Some of the different types of nurses choose to keep their careers outside of the hospital. These could include flight nurses or school nurses. Others choose to use their careers to work in hospices or nursing home facilities.

If you know that you want to become a nurse, but are having trouble deciding on which of the different types of nurses you would like to be, there is some good news. You do not have to decide on a specialty until towards the end of the education process.

The exception to that is when deciding on whether to go for an LPN, RN or more advanced degree. Typically, an LPN is going to be fairly limited in the type of work she will be able to do. Also, her pay will be the lowest among nurses.

By continuing your education at least to the point where you can become an RN, you will increase your rate of pay significantly. You will also have many more options when it comes to choosing a specialty.

Of course, some types of nursing tends to be more popular than others, but all specialties are in need of good and caring people.

When you choose a career in nursing, you are choosing a career that is secure.  No matter where you choose to move in the future, you will very likely be able to find employment.

There are many different types of nursing, but some of the qualifications to be a good nurse are the same for all. You must genuinely care about people and want to help them. Some who are nurses lack this compassion and it shows in the way that they treat the patients in their care.

What the nursing industry needs more than anything is people that will bring both medical knowledge and basic human compassion to the job. It is those people that make the best nurses.