Dull Headache

What To Do About A Dull Headache

There are a few reasons why anyone can have a dull headache. Although it cannot compare to a migraine, it is still an annoying condition that affects many people at least a few times in their lives. If it continues for more than a few days, you may have to pin point the reason behind it. A dull headache that stays for a long period of time should be checked out by your doctor.

When experiencing a head pain, it is important to take into account exactly where the pain is located. Different strengths of pain and location can mean everything when trying to figure out why this is happening. Since there are so many reasons for a dull headache, you can pin point the reason by a process of elimination.

If you are having pain directly over and under the eye area this can be a sign of sinus trouble. Painful sinuses can be a result of a sinus infection. If you also have discharge coming form the nose area and have other symptoms like nausea or a fever this indicates a sinus infection. But sinus problems can also occur from pollution or allergies. Anything that irritates the nasal passages can cause a painful dull headache. For people who have problems with sinuses, it I recommended that they use a nose bidet. This rinses out the sinus passages and removes irritants that can affect the nose.

For women who are menstruating, a dull headache can be a sign of edema in the body. During a monthly period a woman can experience water retention. Most women think that excess water is held in the stomach area but edema can affect the whole body including the head. Excess water accumulates inside of the head and puts pressure on the brain. This can cause not only a bad headache but the woman can become irritated and fatigued. If water retention becomes a big problem on a monthly basis, a doctor can prescribe medication that helps eliminate extra water from your system.

Too much sun light can cause a headache. Not only from too much heat but many people are negatively affected by direct sunlight. Eyes can become sensitive to it and too much can cause a painful dull headache. UV rays can cause macular degeneration and cataracts. So it is a good idea to wear sunglasses if you plan on being out in the sun all day. To avoid a sun related headache, never look directly at the sun. It can distort vision and cause permanent damage to the eye area.

If you are having pain all over the head area, you could be having a stress induced headache. Stress raises blood pressure and also does harm to the entire body. Too much stress can open a person up to many illnesses and diseases. To avoid this, you can try to reduce the stress in your life. A simple cure may be to go to a room with little or no light and lie down for at least an hour. This can settle the mind and body down, so that you can return to normal.

If you are taking any new medications and have a sudden headache, it may be a bad reaction to the new meds. With any new prescription, there may be ingredients that you are allergic to. This can not only cause a headache but a host of other problems as well. Always tell your doctor if you are having a reaction to any new medication. He can either switch medications or take you off of it completely.