Emotional Release Therapy

All About Emotional Release Therapy

Emotional release therapy is a method to help those who are suffering from emotional issues due to past trauma to be able to bring these issues to some type of resolution. People can suffer from posttraumatic stress syndrome and not even realize it; in other cases someone might know what is causing their problems but not know how to resolve these problems.

Today, emotional release therapy may involve several different types of treatment, including Neuro Linguistic Programming, counseling, and hypnotherapy. The reason that this therapy is helpful is that it can help the person view the event differently so that they are better able to handle the traumatic emotions left over by the event or problems that are causing their issues today.

Although all of these treatments may help someone cope with their problems, they do very little to actually address the main issue and eradicate it; but a new form of therapy is doing just that. This type of treatment, known as emotional release therapy can be helpful to just about everyone, and is actually a form of self help.

The lasting affects of emotional trauma can be very disruptive to your life, even years later. A lot of the emotional problems that people suffer from are left over from their childhood. When something traumatic happens during childhood, it is stored away in the subconscious, and all through their lives, these emotions will color how they think and feel; possibly even influencing decisions.

There are several things that can cause negative emotion to be stored in the subconscious mind; one example would be when a bully harassed someone during their school years. Nearly everyone has experienced this, but in some cases the event may be traumatic enough that the child stores negative emotion and may feel that he or she is as worthless as the bully made them feel years before. Although as an adult the person knows that to believe this is not logical, the emotions from those events are still locked up inside of that person.

Even if someone does not actually realize where the emotion is coming from, they may continue to feel worthless throughout their lives, this will have an effect on relationships, work, and just about every aspect of life. These emotions will continue to be a problem until they are address directly.

Emotional release therapy involves going directly into the subconscious mind and meeting these negative emotions head on. With this type of therapy you will go into your memory and meet the traumatic even once again, but as you are doing this you are learning how to identify the negative emotions associated with the event and learning how to let go of those emotions.


Step by step you are taught how to recognize the negative emotions that are left over from the event and how to deal with these emotions and banish them forever. You will meet yourself as you were as a child and see how the emotions are influencing your life and beliefs today. You also discover how to get rid of these emotions once and for all.

Emotional release therapy can work to help someone get rid of unhealthy emotion, whether that emotion is caused by something as traumatic as childhood abuse or something like having a fear of trees because you fell out of one as a child. Emotional release therapy works wonders on phobias and fears.

No matter what the root of your negative emotion, emotional release therapy can help you rid your life of these emotions forever and help you to begin living your life based on healthy emotion.