Excessive Talking

4 Ways Excessive Talking Can Ruin Your Life

Excessive talking can be a big problem for both the talker and the listener. The constant chatterer who cannot or will not shut up is generally not the most popular person on the block. Others will put up with it but usually not for long. Most people do not enjoy being on the receiving end of too much talking, and eventually they tend to avoid that sad soul who hogs the conversation and does not give anyone else a chance to speak.

Too much chatter can lead to a very lonely life over the long term. In fact, there are at least 7 ways that excessive talking can seriously damage your life:

1. Family tunes out too much talking
The family of an excessive talker are the ones most affected by this problem, because they tend to spend the most time with the chat-happy girl or guy. Family being what it is, it is not uncommon for parents, siblings, cousins and such to repeatedly tell the talker to be quite (and this sometimes in not the kindest of terms). If asking the over-talker does not shut them up, family members will eventually begin to simply tune that person out. It would seem that relatives have the ability to completely ignore the overactive voice of their chatty kin.

2. Friends can be hard to find if they never get a chance to talk
While being outgoing can be a wonderful way to meet people, excessive talking can be a quick way to turn potential pals off. Most people have the desire to be heard, and the person who is always talking rarely gives their conversation partner the chance to get a word in. When hanging out with friends, try not to overwhelm them with an overabundance of chatter. Learn to listen and engage in true conversation, and friends will not be scared off by overactive speech.

3. Romance may not blossom in an overabundant word garden
Too much talk does not just deter friendships from forming. It can also curb progress on the romantic front. Many people tend to be nervous during the first few dates and the nerves can lead to a little more chatter than normal, but once things begin to settle down, it’s time to tone down the talking. Good communication is vital for any relationship to succeed, and constantly over-communicating can really get on the nerves of even the most patient significant other. Eventually excessive talking to a boyfriend or girlfriend can lead to the same result as with family members: the shut out, which may eventually lead to the break up.

4. Bosses and co-workers do not appreciate your constant opinion
The workplace is a sensitive environment where behavior can play an important role in a person’s ultimate success or failure. Many people have experienced a co-worker who just cannot seem to keep their mouth shut and does not respond to subtle hints in this regard. Unlike family members, colleagues usually will not tell the annoying chatterer to shut it (even though they might desperately want to). Both bosses and coworkers will, however, drop hints to get the excessive talker to zip their lip. Ignoring subtle messages from others in the office can be deadly in a number of ways. Sadly, too much talking may lead to resentment and create bad office vibes. Besides that, over talkers tend to be left out of fun group activities because they are simply too annoying to hang out with.

So, watch your mouth. Your family, friends, romance and job may depend on it.