Fairness Tips

Fairness Tips For A More Beautiful Skin

Fairness tips can address a whole host of topics. To some it's about having whiter skin, to others it's simply about having a clear complexion. There are creams, lotions, and facial packs galore on the market place claiming to make you more beautiful by increasing the fairness of your skin. Some fairness tips are nothing more than an invitation to purchase a specific product. Some of these products will perform wonderfully; others will do little or nothing for the fairness of your skin. The problem then, becomes one of trying to figure out ahead of time what might work and what probably won't.

There are no simple answers to this. Fairness tips are like many other types of advice, they may be good or bad, and even if good, don't usually apply to everyone. One's skin is often somewhat different in its make up than the skin of the next person, and what works for them may not help the other one bit, and vice versa.

Think Healthy - It may help a little bit to define fair or beautiful skin in terms of skin tone and overall skin health. One can have a dark complexion and have a skin that glows and is healthy looking, just as easily as a person having very white skin. Instead of thinking in terms of a lighter skin or a more beautiful skin, it may pay to first look at some fairness tips and remedies addressing having a more healthy skin. Cleanliness plays a role here of course, as does maintaining good skin tone, and avoiding those things which tend to be harmful to the skin.

Washing The Face - Choosing the proper soap can be a start in the right direction. Some people need to avoid perfumed soaps, or soaps that are too harsh. Those with dry skin may need a soap that contains glycerin. It's also possible to use too much soap. Plain water can often do an adequate job of cleansing the face, and is easier of the skin than any soap is. This simply means that using soap isn't a must every time you wash your face. Once a day washing with soap may be enough, or more than enough if you subject yourself to a weekly deep cleansing.

Eating Well - There isn't any specific food that is "fair skin" food, yet any collection of fairness tips should make mention of the importance of a good diet. It's well known that several of the vitamins are very good for the skin, so choosing foods, especially fruits and vegetables rich in those vitamins, can help achieve fair skin, from within.

Herbs, Lotions, and Supplements - This is an area where there is an abundance of fairness tips, and so some degree, confusion reigns supreme. There are herbal remedies which have a history of promoting healthy skin, whether ingested or applied topically. Such remedies are well worth looking into. It would be best to start with herbal remedies which definitely have a history of rejuvenating the skin, as opposed to jumping on the bandwagon of the latest fad. One needs to be careful in choosing supplements however. There aren't all that many things we swallow that provide any near term benefit to the skin, or to its fairness. Supplements often contain a number of ingredients, so one needs to make certain what is in any supplement that is being considered.

Home Remedies For Skin Cleansers - The fairness tips in this category mostly address those things that are applied directly to the skin as lotions, masks, or deep cleansers.  These home remedies often work just as well as expensive creams or skin fairness "kits". If one remedy doesn't seem to be working out, it's usually a simple matter to try another. Following are a few ideas that might be useful for incorporating into one's personal skin care regimen.


A mixture of sandalwood powder, wheat germ powder, and oatmeal powder placed in a small muslin bag and dipped in lukewarm water makes a gentle facial scrub. An alternative is a mixture of green gram powder, besan, and sandalwood powder.

Raw almond, when applied topically, appears to greatly benefit the skin. One complexion scrub recipe consists of ground almonds, orange peel powder, and ground oatmeal. As with the other scrubs, the mixture is placed in a muslin bag and applied with warm water to the face.

Try A Home Made Mild Abrasive - Sometimes the fairness of one's skin is compromised by the presence of dead and flaky skin, which makes the skin appear dull. This condition can be treated by use of a simple abrasive to clear away the dead skin. A harsh abrasive isn't required and should be avoided in any event. One recipe for a facial abrasive is to make up a mixture of lemon juice, sugar and glycerin. Another abrasive is simply a combination of sugar and pears soap. These are very mild abrasives but nevertheless are excellent fairness tips which will do a superb job of removing dead cells from the surface of the skin. The use of cleansers and abrasives will be most effective if deep cleansing is made a weekly habit. This combined with washing the face in water, and only occasionally with soap, should result in a noticeable improvement in the tone of the in a short time.