Foot Deodorant

When To Use Foot Deodorant

If you are having problems with sweaty foul smelling feet, you should consider using a foot deodorant. There are many reasons why people have these types of foot problems. In addition to the foot deodorant you should also try to find out why your feet are becoming sweaty and smelly. There are usually easy to remedy solutions that can help with foot odor.

Foot odor can be very embarrassing. Even know everything may be fine with your shoes on,  as soon as you take them off not only can you smell the odor but others around you can too and may make negative comments about it. If you are on a date this certainly can become an even larger problem and can turn off the person completely, that you are trying to impress. You will have to find out what is causing this problem and learn how to deal with it.

One of the biggest reasons for needing a foot deodorant is wearing the wrong shoes. If shoes are too tight and there isn’t any air circulating around he foot it can cause an odor and also damage the foot further. Fungus loves to grow in dark moist places and a foot in a shoe with no circulation is the perfect breeding ground. Along with an awful odor the bottoms of your feet may start to toughen and they can turn a brownish yellow color. Fungal infections can also cause your toenails to become yellow and green and they may also chip off and become brittle. If you do not take care of this problem immediately, you can spread your fungal infection to other members of the family because it is highly contagious.

Wearing high healed or stiletto healed shoes can also cause foot odor. When the foot is uncomfortable and it is difficult to walk, the foot naturally becomes sweaty. Once this smelly sweat gets into the leather bottom of a shoe, it cannot be removed. Using a foot deodorant can help but it is more important to find a shoe that comforts the foot. No matter how stylish or attractive foot ware can be, it isn’t worth having sore smelly feet for the sake of fashion.

Some people have a problem with excessive sweating. This is a medical condition and it affects other areas besides the feet. There isn’t any known cure but the use of a strong foot deodorant with added ingredients that stops sweating can help. It may also be a good idea to change your socks throughout the day. Another thing that can help with excessive sweating is to wear an open toed or sandal type shoe. This keeps air circulating around the feet and keeps them cooler and more comfortable.

There are a few illness that can also cause excessive sweating and smelly feet. A cold or the flu may cause you to become overheated and other types of illness can cause bad breath, smelly underarms and stinky feet. If you have an illness that affects the way you smell, talk to your doctor. Along with a foot deodorant he may prescribe medications that can help with your illness as well as foot odor.

To avoid having smelly sweaty feet make sure the shoes you are wearing are comfortable and fit well. Do not wear shoes that cause the foot any pain or discomfort. If you do notice a yellowing of the bottom of your foot and problems with toenails, purchase a foot deodorant that is specifically made for fungal problems. If your foot odor problems are new and you do not know what is causing them, contact a doctor to make sure you don’t have an illness.