Garra Rufa Fish

Use of Garra Rufa Fish for a Pedicure

More and more salons are offering Garra Rufa fish pedicures. Read on to learn a bit more about this new fad. Many men and women love the idea of relaxing while they are treated to a much deserved pedicure. What does not come to mind for most when they think of such a treat is the thought of small fish nibbling on their feet. That is, however, exactly what some experts say is a great way to get rid of tough skin on the feet.



In some places, Garra Rufa fish are used for more than cosmetic purposes. In fact, their nickname is the Doctor fish because many believe that these fish can work as an effective treatment for many ailments including skin diseases, joint problems and even neurological disorders.

While other experts would cry foul at any such claims, the use of Garra Rufa fish for pedicures is growing in popularity in the United States.  Once confined only to big cities such as New York and Los Angeles, today these little nibblers can tend to tired toes in hundreds of cities throughout the country.

While this treatment used to be priced higher than most people would be willing to pay, now you can have a Garra Rufa fish pedicure for an average price of under $40.

So how does it work? You will place your feet in a pool of warm water. Before long, the fish that call the pool home will start to investigate your feet. Soon, they will begin to suck on your heels and toes. Usually, there are more than one hundred fish used for such a pedicure.

Some people are worried that it will hurt, but these fish do not bite. In fact, they do not have teeth. Instead, they have suction cup like mouths and will attach to your feet and help to remove dead skin and calluses.

If you tend to be ticklish, it might take you a few minutes to get past that sensation. Once you do, you will notice that the sucking fish feel sort of like a light massage on your feet. Many people, once they try it once, go back for additional Garra Rufa fish pedicures.
While all of the experts may not agree that Garra Rufa fish have any medicinal value, others would say that they have evidence otherwise.

Some have claimed to have had impressive results when using Garra Rufa fish to treat psoriasis. At spas in Turkey, patients place the affected areas into pools of the fish. They nibble on the diseased skin, but not on healthy skin. Some say that it is the saliva that provides healing while others say the waters in which the fish reside at the spas also help in the treatment of the disease.

Whether or not Garra Rufa fish will be allowed to be used in such a way in the United States remains to be seen. In the meantime, many will continue to flock to spas around the country in order to allow these fish to nibble at their feet in the hopes that softer, smoother skin will be the result.