Getting Rid Of Warts

A Quick Guide to Getting Rid of Warts

While no one really likes to think about it, all it takes is one infection and you will be sure to ask yourself the question of the process of getting rid of warts. The following article is meant to give you a guide to a variety of methods of getting rid of these unsightly bumps as well as hopefully provide some information on preventing the appearance of warts. While many of these methods have been reported as being successful, if for some reason they are not, you may want to talk to your doctor or a dermatologist.

Where Warts Come From

Before getting to deep into the means of wart removal, it is imperative to understand what causes warts. While there are technical terms such as HPV, the key to know is that there are several viruses that cause warts. Because we know that viruses can cause warts, we also know that taking steps such as avoiding contact with infected people and practicing safe habits such as wearing sandals in public showers are great ways to avoid becoming infected in the first place.

While knowing what causes these unsightly bumps and how to prevent them is useful, there is no denying the fact that once you have them, getting rid of warts can be a very important thing. One thing you should know is that almost all warts will go away over time. However, there are certain strains that do have a habit of coming back. Also for many people allowing a wart to run its course is an option they either cannot or are unable to allow to happen. If this is the case the following information is for you.

Choices, Choices, and even more choices

The truth of the matter is that there is a staggering variety of wart removal techniques. Ranging from home remedies to medicine, the good news is that there are ways to get rid of warts the bad news is that choosing one can be a bit of a chore. In this article the focus will be on home remedies. If you want to know more about possible medications or other medical alternatives, please consult your doctor.

Duct tape fixes everything!

One of the most common home remedies for getting rid of warts is the use of duct tape. While this may seem a little funny given duct tapes reputation for being able to fix everything, the truth is that using duct tape can actually get rid of warts. The usual method of using duct tape is to place a piece of duct tape over the affected area for several days. Once you have worn the piece of duct tape, take it off and soak the area in warm water, then file the area down until all the dead skin is removed. If the wart is still present, repeat the process until the wart is no longer a problem.

Garlic is not just great for the heart

While duct tape appears to be a pretty consistent way of getting rid of warts, you may not want to run around with a piece of duct tape stuck to your skin. If this is the case you might want to try using garlic. The first step is to crush up some garlic and then pace it over the infected area. When this is done place a bandage over the garlic and generally within only a few days you will find that the wart is no longer there.


Some other natural methods

The problem with using garlic is that it can irritate the skin around the wart so you may need to look at other options such as using a vinegar soaked cotton ball on the wart for one to two hours a day, or using dandelion sap daily. If these are not exactly what you are looking for you can try lemon peels, or even soaking your wart is extremely hot water. If for some reason none of these methods accomplish the goal of getting rid of warts, you might want to go ahead and speak to your doctor.

In the end no matter what method you use to get rid of warts, keep in mind that often the best thing for you to do is just give it time. Yes you will have an unsightly and sometimes painful bump to deal with for a while, but just letting your body take care of itself is often a fine way of dealing with most problems.