Groin Ache

Reasons For A Groin Ache

Anyone who is suffering form a groin ache should try to pin point the reasons for their discomfort. The reasons for these types of pain vary. A percentage of the time it may be from an injury or strain to the area. But sometimes it can be a symptom of a much bigger problem. Since there are so many different possibilities for a groin ache, your doctor will have to do tests to determine why this is happening.

Along with pain there may be other signs as to why a person suffers with groin ache. The pain may affect the back, stomach and even the spine. Or there can also be a lump present in the groin area. If a person has a fever or discharge along with groin pain, this can be something else. So it is also important to completely discuss all possibilities with a doctor.

Inguinal hernias happen when there is a strain to the lower stomach or groin area. They can also develop at birth and go unnoticed until a small bump starts to form. The stomach wall is torn and an opening forms. This allows any content of the stomach to protrude out of the stomach wall tear. It normally forms a bump that can bulge out and become bigger over a period of time. As the bump gets bigger the stomach becomes more sensitive and the pain increases. The pain can also spread throughout the lower half of the body. The only way to fix an inguinal hernia is to have surgery.

A sport hernia is another example of damage done to the stomach wall. This is from a direct injury or severe strain to the groin. This can be a more serious condition because the tear is usually bigger and it is much more painful. Although this condition can also be fixed by surgery certain precautions must be taken so that the injury does not happen again. If it is a result of an injury, it may take months to heal and the person suffering will have to favor this area for the rest of his life. If the sport hernia is a result of a strain, the sufferer will also have to make sure to stop the activity causing the problem.

People who do not practice safe sex habits and also have a groin ache probably have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. Lack of appetite, pain in the lower back and headache are clear signs of a STD.  A week to twelve days after an unsafe sexual encounter these symptoms can start to show up. Along with all of the other symptoms, the sufferer may also have a burning sensation while urinating.  Usually a doctor can prescribe antibiotics to help heal these types of infections. But there are a few STD’s that are incurable, like herpes or HIV-AIDS.

If a person is having a groin ache and notices lymph node swelling around the groin area, this means there could be a bacterial infection present within the body. Most of the time when a lump is found it is because of an infection but rarely, it indicates that a person has lymphoma which is a type of cancer. To rule this possibility out the doctor has to do a biopsy procedure to find out if the lump is cancerous.

If you have a groin ache and are suffering with any other symptoms it is a good idea to see a doctor immediately. Most of the time, it isn’t anything serious and can be cured easily. But if it is a serious condition, early detection can be the key to a fast recovery.