Health Benefits Of Almonds

What Are the Health Benefits of Almonds?

The health benefits of almonds may not cross your mind as you are eating these flavorful nuts.  However, they do have a lot of benefits that many people do not recognize.  Given their versatility and their availability, it may be a good idea to begin using them in different recipes or keeping them handy for a light snack.  This article will explain what some of the health benefits are so you can see for yourself how they can help you.

Almonds are actually a member of the same family as peaches and plums.  This should begin to lay the ground work for just how nutritious they are.  They are one the best ways to get vitamin E and magnesium B into the body.  They also provide the body with some of the calcium and dietary fiber that it needs on a daily basis.

Many studies related to the health benefits of almonds have been conducted over the years.  Some of these studies have suggested that almonds may actually help reduce you chances of developing heart disease.  Some studies have shown that when men or women eat a simple handful of them each day they are likely to reduce their cholesterol. This can help with clogged arteries which can lead to heart attacks or strokes.  This snack is also believed to have some of the same properties that help reduce cancer and diabetes as well.

For many years it was believed that eating these nuts would result in weight gain.  However, today, studies are begin conducted that are actually stating the opposite. It is believed that one of the health benefits of almonds is that they may actually help you lose weight.  Some of the studies have even shown that people who eat nuts are less likely to gain weight than the people who never eat nuts.  With this new information, who would not want to enjoy a handful everyday?

So, if you are thinking about the health benefits of almonds and you are interested in eating more of them, here are some simple tips.  You can purchase some nut butter from your local store and use this on your toast or bagel in the morning rather than regular butter, cream cheese, or jelly.  You may even want to put some nut butter on a celery stick and enjoy it as a snack later in the day.  If you purchase almonds at the store you can begin to use them with every meal.  Start by placing some in your cereal in the morning.  You could even buy cereal that already contains them.  Next, spread some out on your salad at lunch time.  Many places now sell salads with nuts and almonds anyways.  Save money and make your own.  Finally, start softening them and placing them in your rice or vegetable dishes at home.  If you do not feel like begin that creative, place some in a sandwich bag and take them with you on the road.  They are healthier than a bag of chips or a candy bar so pick these up instead.

If you want to find creative ways to use the almond for its health benefits you can search online for different recipes or seasonings that you can add to spruce them up.  You can also talk to your local dietician because he or she will be able to let you know how much you should consume, how often, and different ways you can use them.  With so many health benefits, you would be crazy to pass them by the next time you are in the supermarket.  Start making healthy choices.  Start with the almond.