History Of Chlamydia

The history of Chlamydia started in 1963 when it was finally recognized as a bacteria rather than a virus.  It has symptoms that are related to several other infections that people can get.  Because of that, it was not really identified as a sexually transmitted disease until recently.  Today, it is a disease that affects men and women alike and it is most commonly spread when men and women have sex with one another.

Contrary to what many people believe, or what the history of Chlamydia may say, it will not kill you if you take care of it as soon as you find out that you have it.  However, if it is not treated it can cause serious complications.  This is especially true for women because it can spread into the cervix and reproductive organs.  This can make it very hard for a woman to get pregnant.

If you have Chlamydia and you do have a baby without being treated it can harm your child.  If it gets into your child’s eyes it can cause him or her to become blind.  It may even cause your newborn to get pneumonia.  Throughout the history of Chlamydia, it has also been found that having it can increase your likelihood of getting HIV if you have sex with someone who is infected with this virus.

Studying the history of Chlamydia has resulted in a list of symptoms that you may suffer from.  You may notice that you have a burning feeling when you go to the bathroom.  You may also notice that your urine is cloudy when you see it in the toilet.  Males and females may also find that they have some discharge in the vaginal and penis areas.  These signs should alert you that something is wrong and you need to consult a doctor.  Just because your symptoms go away for a while does not mean that you can not spread this disease.  You will be able to spread it until you have been treated appropriately by your doctor.

You are going to want to get an antibiotic to help you deal with Chlamydia.  You are also going to need to notify anyone that you had sex with in the last two months.  This is very important because you do not want someone else to pass it on to others.  You need to be responsible enough to tell your current sexual partner and anyone else that you had sex with in the last two months.  If you did not have sex in the last two months, you are going to want to think of the last person you had sex with and let him or her know.

Just because you have been treated does not mean that you will never get it again.  That is why it is very important to let your sexual partner know what is going on.  If they are not examined for this disease they may pass it back to you.  This is not healthy and it is irresponsible, especially if you are pregnant.  There is no reason to harm your unborn child when you can have the disease taken care of.

You know your body better than anyone else.  Therefore, if you notice that there are changes with your body, you are going to want to identify what is wrong.  It is very important to take the steps needed to have the problem solved and fixed if you can.  The history of Chlamydia may be relatively new.  However, science and medicine has come a long way.  There is no reason to allow this disease to ruin your life if you handle it properly.