How To Control Anxiety

Ways To Learn How To Control Anxiety

We live in a world today full of stress and conflict and it can be difficult to know how to control anxiety. Some people can fully handle whatever stressful situation is presented to them. For others a simple drive to the store or grocery shopping experience can become frightening and too much to bare.

People become anxious everyday from little things like being in a long line, or rushing to make an appointment. But people with too much stress or anxiety can experience a feeling that everything will go wrong. They are overcome with a feeling of over all dread.

There is a condition called GAD, which means generalized anxiety disorder. This is when a person constantly worries about everything. It can be feeling fear over loved ones or over their health and these are the people who suffer the most from stress and anxiety. Although it is thought that this disorder is genetic, environment plays a big role. So it is easy for anyone to suffer from this disorder.

The symptoms of anxiety can easily be seen. But there are different reasons for them. A percentage of people who have these issues also have an imbalance of serotonin or nor epinephrine. This can be cured with the proper medications. But other people who feel the affects of stress have to learn how to control anxiety psychologically.

The symptoms for this condition are the same. Women seem to have these symptoms more than men.  They include nausea, depression, elevated heart rate and depression. Most of these symptoms aren’t life threatening. But over the years they can do harm to the body and even contribute to certain diseases. There are a few things you can do to alleviate stress and learn how to control anxiety.

Caffeine and high fructose sugars can affect the way we feel. Caffeine can make us more anxious and sugars can affect insulin levels making them spike and then recede. This leaves people craving more sugar. If good nutrition is introduced, the anxiety problem may go away by itself. Instead of eating foods loaded with sugars, try whole grains and foods with plenty of fiber. Avoid any processed white breads or sugars and replace any caffeinated drinks with water. You can also benefit by taking a multi vitamin everyday.

Make sure to be checked for a chemical problem. Depression and anxiety can be linked to an imbalance in the serotonin levels of the brain. Women can also be experiencing premenopausal symptoms and think they are suffering from depression. For either problem a full screening should be done by your doctor to determine what is causing the anxiety.


Another good way to control anxiety is to get enough daily exercise. You do not have to spend hours at the gym or do anything strenuous. A walk with the dog out in the bright sunshine can help. Exercise releases feel good endorphins that can raise your spirit. Sunlight contains vitamin D which is another depression fighter. So 15 minutes out walking at a fast pace may also eliminate anxious feelings.

If you have never suffered any kind of anxiety before and this is your first experience with this problem, you may want to talk to a counselor. There might be a problem in your life that you feel you cannot handle alone. Or it may seem too overwhelming. If this is the case, then simply discussing the problem with a health care professional may help to stop the feelings of dread and doom.

Yoga, relaxation and meditation are ways to learn how to control anxiety. Yoga is an exercise that is geared to help balance all systems of the body out. Relaxation methods include things like picturing yourself on a calm beach and meditation can help you to block out unimportant issues that may affect your life.