Increasing Stamina

Keys to Increasing Stamina

Stamina-defined as a resilient energy and/or strength (such as in physical or mental areas) which allows a person to perform something or accomplish something that takes or has taken a long period of time.  A lack of stamina causes such problems as tiredness and/or little to no energy. Without energy we can not perform daily functions with any efficiency and even worse, we become prime candidates for chronic conditions and disease. We can only conclude that increasing stamina will be an asset to our well being and overall life.

Without the constant mental challenge to our bodies it is easy for them to get used to an inactive lifestyle. Many of us do not know it is taking place. We believe running after kids all day or the challenge of a hectic time at the office to be adequate amounts of stamina for anything.  Truth is, there comes a point in each of our lives when we begin to slow down.  Our energy begins to wane, and with it our physical and mental capabilities.

This decrease in intensity or power is gradual and why most of us do not realize there is a need for increasing stamina.  The increase is more than just building your body muscles/ mass up or training for a marathon.  In order to do anything out of your daily routine you must first have the energy.

If your diet is basically good it could just be a matter of getting out of your everyday routine. Add a walk, a run or a bike ride, utilize the YMCAs weight room or swimming pool or plan a time for a workout before going to the office.  All of these would be a good starting point for increasing stamina.  Be sure to develop a plan that is achievable.

To increase your stamina, you have to start small and gradually move up to the level you desire.  As time passes you will want to push yourself at various intervals, such as when the activity becomes easy. This will challenge your body; with each challenge you will be increasing stamina. Remember, if you engage is an activity you like it will not become a chore to you, but will remain a challenge.

If you are a couch potato from the word go coupled with a less than basically good diet you may have to begin your endeavor from a different perspective. You may truly want to begin an activity for increasing stamina but find it next to impossible for lack of energy. In this case start with your diet as energy is produced in the body by what we eat.

By natural process the body produces energy as food is assimilated and converted.  Each day this energy is renewed as complex carbohydrates break down in the body into the quickest, purest form of energy.  Foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains eaten raw, lightly steamed or lightly sir-fried with proper portions of either protein or starches to accompany them can be through your system in less than three hours.

When you stack that against a diet of processed foods, or foods rich in sauces made with heavy creams and white flour or meals primarily meat or diary you are talking hours of energy used for digestion instead of the activities geared toward increasing your stamina. One simple meal of three slices of pizza and a coke takes 6-8 hours to digest and the body has to supply all the enzymes.

When taking into consideration increasing stamina it is important to choose activities that will be enjoyable as well as beneficial.  It is also important to make sure your diet meets the criteria for producing the energy you will need. Start slow adding to your activity as your body gets used to each level of activity increase.  Before you know it you will be running that marathon-or at least, keeping up with the kids.