Inflamed Stomach

Some Important Facts About Inflamed Stomach

An inflamed stomach can be really uncomfortable and disruptive when it arrives in our lives. This is something that everyone had probably had to deal with at one stage or another. The condition of having inflammation in the stomach is called gastritis by those in the medical profession. The following article will look at the causes, treatment and ways to prevent inflamed stomach.

The stomach is where food goes in our bodies after we have eaten. It is a type of bag, but unlike a bag that you might normally come across, this one is made from muscle. Stomachs differ in size between individuals and our own stomach will take up more or less room in the abdomen depending on how much we put inside it. When somebody has gastritis it means that the lining of the stomach has become inflamed; much like how your throat gets inflamed when you have a sore throat. The stomach contains a lot of acids which we need to break down food, but when we have an inflamed stomach these acids can further irritate the stomach layer.

There are a few common causes for gastritis.  Alcohol, smoking, or a poor diet can cause too much stomach acid to be present in our stomach. Stress is another factor that can causes an inflamed stomach. Certain medications like oral steroids or Aspirin can really irritate the stomach and so can a viral or bacterial infection. Gastritis can also occur after surgery or as a consequence of some diseases or treatments for these diseases. Sometimes people think that having gastritis symptoms means that they have an ulcer, but in most cases this won’t be the cause. If the problem persists though, you will need to get everything checked.

There are different things that you can do to help with gastritis. Most people will try antacids in the first instance and this can be a great help; antacids work by lowering the acidity of our stomach. If the pain is too much you can use pain killers to help with this; so long as they are not steroidal.  Always make sure that whatever medication you are using does not contain Aspirin because this can make things worse; many medications these days contain Aspirin so read the ingredients of all medications.

When you are suffering from an inflamed stomach it is important to avoid eating any solid foods. Stick to fluids that won’t irritate the stomach; water is best. After your stomach has settled back down again it is a good idea to only ingest bland foods for a while. Afterwards you should avoid fatty and spicy foods and also reduce your intake of salt.

There are things that you can do to avoid an inflamed stomach.  The first thing you need to do is quit smoking and drink alcohol only moderately. It is also important to watch your diet and avoid any of those foods that can irritate the stomach. If your doctor has told you to take Aspirin then you should continue taking it, but go and ask their advice at your next appointment; never stop taking Aspirin unless your doctor has been informed. If Aspirin has not been prescribed for you then you can try and avoid it and the other oral steroids that can upset the stomach.

An inflamed stomach is not pleasant, but if you follow the advice hopefully things should improve. If the problem persists or occurs regularly then you should always go and see your doctor. The best way to deal with the problem is be watching what is going into your stomach and avoiding those bad habits like smoking and drinking.