Itching Feet

Basic Facts to Know About Itching Feet

Itching feet has been one of our most common nuisances throughout history and is usually caused by a fungus (trichophytonrubrum).  The hot and sweaty environment that is created from improper shoe selection and is a euphoria for other fungi to multiply. This is known as athlete’s foot.  If this condition goes untreated, the skin can break open and is inviting another bacterial infection.

While scratching your feet may temporarily alleviate the itching sensation you experience, it may not be the most practical solution and it certainly does not address the problem causing your feet to itch.  Scratching your feet while driving does not exactly sound like a good idea, but sometimes the itching is so intense that it cannot be ignored.  Instead of dealing with the condition like this, it is a much better idea to try to stop your feet from itching in the first place.  The good news is that there are treatments and preventative methods for this condition that we all will probably have to use at some point in our lives.

A good antihistamine will not solve your athlete’s foot condition but it will help with the itching.  If your employment is stressful and demanding, this may be a good method for helping you cope with the condition.  Use as directed to make you day a little more comfortable.

Foot cream has also been known to help with your athlete’s foot.  Simply make sure the feet are dry and they apply the cream.  The two most common foot creams are Tinactin and Lotrimin.  Many recommend applying the cream before retiring for the evening.  This helps ensure that the feet will not get wet as they would inside a sweaty shoe for example.

Swab the infected area with astringent.  Once dry, swab again and repeat several times.  This will help remove the moisture from the infected area making it difficult for the fungi to survive and reproduce.

Always make sure to dry your feet completely once you are finished bathing.  Many cases of athlete’s foot are caused from failure to take this important step.  You may be in a hurry sometimes, but the threat of athlete’s foot is worth the time it takes to dry your feet.

It is also wise to sprinkle Lotrimin and Tinactin powder into your shoes.  Especially in summer months or if you live in a warm and moist climate, you can benefit from a daily application to your shoes and socks.

If you can not avoid sweating due to work conditions, climate or hobbies, try packing several pairs of dry socks and a spare pair of dry shoes for periodic changes throughout the day.  This is a very good method to ensure that the fungi will remain minimal.  Try using an acrylic sock.  Acrylic socks have proven to be better at dissipating moisture than the conventional cotton sock.

If possible, wear different shoes to work each day.  This will allow ample time for the moisture inside your shoe to dissipate and not allow for the fungi to grow.  Leather shoes are a better choice for preventing athlete’s foot.  However, weatherproof shoes are a poor choice.  Weatherproof shoes are designed to keep water out; however, the reverse is also true, and they keep sweat in.  Only wear shoes made of natural materials.

Other reasons for itching feet are dry feet and contact dermatitis.  Contact dermatitis can be cause by many different types of irritants that your body may be having a reaction to.  Always be aware when trying a new brand of socks or shoes because certain dyes or materials can lead to your discomfort.   Dry feet will also cause itchiness.  Some of the many treatments to combat this are vitamin E cream and other moisturizing creams.