Itchy Armpits

Top Reasons You May Have Itchy Armpits

We know, itchy armpits can be embarrassing and no one really wants to talk about this sensitive subject. But anyone who has a problem with chronic armpit itchiness will be relieved to find out what the problem may be and how it can be fixed. There are several different causes for itchy armpits. Fortunately this private problem can almost always be prevented or healed.

It may seem obvious, but one of the most common reasons for itchy armpits is lack of proper hygiene. If the armpits are not properly washed on a regular – preferably daily – basis, sweat and dirt can build up. When the body’s natural bacteria combine with the everyday grime, it can cause odor and itching. The solution is simple: wash the armpits regularly with soap and water to prevent grimy buildup.

Excess Sweat
Some people sweat more than others, and sometimes excessive sweating can cause irritation that will make the armpits itch. This can be prevented by wearing light clothing and applying powder to keep the skin as dry as possible.

Candida albicans – Also Known As Yeast Infection
Everyone produces a certain amount of Candida albicans on their skin. This is a form of yeast that is naturally found on the body. From time to time, too much Candida can be produced and this may lead to itchy armpits. Excess yeast can be caused be certain medical conditions, like AIDS, cancer and diabetes. Patients undergoing chemotherapy are also prone to this type of infection. Other causes of yeast infection include long exposure to high heat and humidity, obesity, poor hygiene and tight clothing that is made out of synthetic materials.

Most problems with Candida albicans can be treated with an anti-fungal cream, but excess yeast can also be prevented in some cases. If obesity is the cause, losing weight can help reduce the amount of yeast produced. Baby powder can also help deal with excess yeast in the armpits as will wearing light, cotton clothing when the weather is extremely hot and humid.

Allergies and Rashes
Sometimes an allergic reaction or rash can make the armpits itch. This is especially true with heat rash, because the armpit is an area that is highly sensitive to this type of rash. Even though a rash or allergy may cause severe itching, always try to refrain from harsh scratching. While it may provide temporary relief from the itch, scratching can make the situation worse and even lead to infection. There are a number of over-the-counter treatments for itching that should provide relief.

Reaction to Prescription Medication
It may seem odd, but one of the most common adverse reactions to prescription medication is itching. This is especially true with antibiotics. And this itching can go beyond just the armpits to affect the entire body. Whenever an adverse reaction to medication occurs, always contact the doctor right away and stop taking the medication as soon as possible. The doctor can usually prescribe a different type of medicine that will treat the illness without causing any type of itching or other reaction.

If you are dealing with itching in the armpit region and it continues for any length of time, it is probably a good idea to contact the doctor to make sure there is not an underlying medical cause. If an armpit itch happens only every once in awhile, then it may be caused by one of the above-listed situations and can usually be treated quite easily in the comfort of your own home.