Juicing Beets

The Benefits of Juicing Beets

There are many benefits to juicing beets; in fact, a lot of people are claiming that this juice is the new natural remedy miracle for several different ailments. Although the modern world is just catching on to the health benefits of beets, people have used the juice from these vegetables for years.

In ancient Rome, it was believed that the juice from beets could cool the blood, and at some point in time, people also used juicing beets to treat fevers in children. Over the years the juice from beets has also been used to treat digestive problems.

Beets are rich in carbohydrates that are easily digested; in addition, this low calorie vegetable is high in mineral content. Juicing beets will loose some of their vitamin content when boiled, which is one reason why beets are better if you extract the juice from the roots when they are raw, but juicing beets can also be done through boiling.

Beet juice is known to stimulate the nerves of the tongue, but this same stimulating element also stimulates the intestines.

In Europe, especially Germany, beet juice is sold and used to restore health for people who are ill. Some of the remedies that juicing beets are used for include building strength, gall bladder and kidney stones, sexual dysfunction, as well as liver and prostate health. This vegetable juice is usually mixed with other types of juices, such as cucumber and carrot juice, and used as a remedy to buildup the blood. Juicing beets are definitely a natural energy booster.

When purchasing juicing beets you should choose smooth beets that are firm to touch. You will want to avoid beets that appear to be shriveled, or soft at all. The size of the beet is not as important as its appearance and firmness, so you can either buy small or large beets, whichever you prefer.

Due to the fact that beet juice is very potent, it is important that you always mix the juice with other types of juices. You should never drink beet juice without diluting it with other types of juice. Drinking the juice without first diluting it can cause temporary paralysis of the vocal cords, hives, chills, as well as fever. As beet juice is also known to cause the heart beat to quicken, if you have heart disease you will want to check with your doctor before drinking beet juices. In addition, due to the fact that beets can be high in sugar content, diabetics should also consult their physician to ensure this juice would be an acceptable part of their diet.

When used in modest amounts, juicing beets are especially good for cleansing the body, including the blood and kidneys. Beets and the greens of beets are high in oxalic acid and are not recommended for people who have gout or arthritis. This juice is also not recommended for those who have an easily irritated stomach.


Juicing beets can be combined with a number of other vegetable and fruit juices to create a healthy and great tasting juice. Some juices that tend to go good with beet juice include carrot juice, orange juice, and apple juice, but there are a number of juice combinations that you can create with beet juice.

However you choose to enjoy beet juice, there is no denying that aside from carrot juice, this is one of the best natural health boosters available to you. The variety of health benefits associated with beets will go a long way in making this type of vegetable juice the next big thing among health conscious people. The next time you are thinking about juicing, consider the many advantages of beet juicing beets.