Left Arm Pain

A Quick Overview of Left Arm Pain

Left arm pain can be a very uncomfortable pain for people who suffer from it.  If you have felt this type of pain you may be concerned about what is causing it.  You may be considering going to the doctor to determine how to make it stop.  Fixing the problem is very important because you need your arm in order to complete daily tasks.  You also want to find out if there is something more serious going on that you need to be worried about.

It should seem obvious that if you have had an injury you may suffer from arm pain.  This is especially true if you have suffered from a break or a fracture.  Going to the doctor and having an x-ray done will show if the pain is caused from this type of injury.  You will also be able to have it fixed.  You may need pins or a cast to help it heal.  Your doctor may also instruct you on what you can do to help with the pain if it is ongoing.

Arthritis can be another common cause of left arm pain.  Arthritis is caused from an inflammation in the joint.  It often affects older adults but there are different types and these may actually affect some juveniles as well.  There are different medications and ointment creams that can be used to help decrease some of this pain.  Your doctor will be able to determine if you are suffering from arthritis and they will be able to tell you how to treat it.

Some people may suffer from tendinitis and this can be a cause of your arm pain as well.  This is often an inflammation in the tendons of your arm.  It can cause pain in your arm as well as in your shoulder area.  People that overuse their arm may suffer from this such as golfers or people that participate in gymnastics.  Baseball players (especially the pitchers) may suffer from this and complain of arm pain.

Many people become concerned with arm pain because they are worried that they may be having a heart attack or have had a heart attack.  This occurs when there is a blockage to in the blood vessels that lead to the heart.  This is a very frightening thought for people that think they are having one.  You should always go directly to the emergency room if you think you are having a heart attack.  Have someone drive you or call an ambulance.  You should not drive yourself!

There are other things to look for that go along with left arm pain.  You should take not of any swelling or numbness that may be occurring.  You should know when the pain started and what you were doing at that time.  These are things that you need to tell your doctor.  You should also notify them of any current conditions that you may be suffering from as well as any past conditions that you have been treated for.  For example, if you have had a heart attack or stroke in the past, you are going to want them to know that.  It is often recommended that you keep a list of any and all medications with you at all times.  This is going to help the doctor determine what they can and can not give you to help with any of your symptoms.  This is very important to remember because many medications do not mix well with others and can cause more serious complications.

You may find out that your arm pain is nothing serious.  You may have a small injury that will just take time to heal.  However, you may have a complication that you did not even know about.  Therefore, if you are having left arm pain you should always talk to your doctor.  You should not take any medications or begin any type of treatment without talking to your physician first.