Lethargic Dog

Possible Causes for a Lethargic Dog

Do you currently have a lethargic dog in your home?  Was he or she completely happy and easily excited a few days ago?  Are you wondering what could be causing this sudden change in mood?  Take a minute to read through this brief article in order to determine some of the common causes of lethargy in you dog.

First of all, it is important to know what lethargy is.  This can be defined as a sudden loss of interest in usually pleasing things.  Your dog needs regular exercise in order to stay healthy and happy.  If you have been very busy and ignoring your dog, or you have not found the time lately to play with him or her, you may want to start here as a possible cause.  Your dog may simply be bored.  Get him out to run and play.  Let him release some of his energy and get back into shape.  The same thing may be needed if your dog has put on a lot of extra weight.  This could also cause him to be lethargic and it may help him to shed a few extra pounds.  You will also want to make sure that his diet is full of things that are healthy and good for him.

Next, you should consider the amount of time that you leave your dog home alone during the week or the day.  Your dog wants attention just like we do.  He may get depressed if he is left alone for long periods of time.  Your dog is supposed to be your best friend.  It is not good to leave him alone and let him feel sad.  If you are a really busy person, try to make time for your dog in the mornings and evenings to pet him or her and show them that you love them.  Throw a ball for them and let them exercise.  If you are to busy and unable to do this, you may want to consider finding a home for your dog where he or she can play and get the exercise that it needs.

If your dog is usually very happy and nothing in his daily routine has changed but he is still lethargic, you are going to want to assess a few things with your dog.  Do his or her eyes look dull?  Has he been using the restroom more or less than frequently?  Is he or she throwing up?  If you are noticing these types of symptoms you are going to want to make and appointment to get your lethargic dog into the vet as soon as possible.

Lethargy can be a sign or symptom for many different illnesses and conditions related to your pet.  You will want to know if your dog has an infection or injury as soon as possible.  You would not leave a family member to suffer so why would you do that to your pet?  Many times, if your dog is having problems with his or her digestive tract it may feel lethargic.  This is because the body is not able to absorb the nutrients that it needs to be healthy such as fluids and sugars.

You may also want to spend some time thinking about your home.  Is there anything there that your dog may have gotten into that would make him or her sick?  We often have chemicals in our home for cleaning and such.  Is it possible that your dog may have gotten into something it should not have?  Be aware of plants as well.  Sometimes different plants that we have in our homes may be poisonous to our animals.  If your dog ate a plant it may have made your dog sick.  Take some time to research your plants and determine if any of them are harmful to your pet.  Your vet is most likely going to ask questions like this when you take your pet to be checked.  A lethargic dog is something that should be taken seriously in order to find a cause and keep your pet healthy.