Lose Thigh Fat

There's Only One Way To Lose Thigh Fat

A mistake that many make when trying to lose thigh fat is they concentrate solely on the thighs. They follow a workout pattern where the exercises are intended to tone up the muscles in the thigh area, hoping to burn away thigh fat in the process. Or, they plunk down $19.95, $49.95, or $199.95 (plus shipping and handling) to get a book, a series of books, or a DVD containing the "secrets" on how to lose thigh fat.

First of all, the exercises mentioned are fitting and proper, but not enough. Secondly, you shouldn't have to pay a nickel to learn any secrets about losing fat. Losing fat doesn't involve secrets; it involves dedication, patience, perseverance, and a certain amount of hard work. Admittedly, some will have more of a struggle in an attempt to lose thigh fat than others. We have differing metabolisms, age can play a factor, and a disease or disorder can often make burning away fat a difficult process. Lifestyle plays a big role of course, and any program undertaken to lose weight or fat usually involves some lifestyle changes. If you continue on doing what you're doing, you can't expect changes just to happen. They won't.

Fat Doesn't Disappear Selectively - The only way to successfully lose thigh fat is to lose body fat. Women in particular tend to store more fat around their midsection, in the belly, butt, and the thighs and upper legs. Men do too, but women are better at it. There is no really good way to reduce fat in a specific area. Whether you want to lose fat that's accumulated on your thighs, under your arms, or in your face, you more or less have to take the same approach in each case, and that approach is to work towards decreasing the overall amount of fat your body is storing.

Don't Rely Solely On Special Exercises - Thigh exercises are fine, and in fact are necessary. Exercise burns calories, and if those calories are not replaced, fat begins to disappear. Your body starts using the calories stored in fat when calories must be burned to create energy, and no other source of calories is available. Thigh exercises aren't enough though. In fact thigh exercises aren't usually designed to burn away thigh fat, but are designed to tone up the muscles in the area so when you do lose the fat you don't end up with lose folds of skin hanging over a bony frame.

Crash Dieting Won't Help A Bit - Dieting is needed too, but please don't start crash dieting to burn away the fat on your thighs. If you undertake a starvation diet you might end up looking like nothing more than skin and bones, but with thighs that are still a bit on the chubby side. That's an exaggeration of course, but be careful how you go about dieting. Think of dieting as a proper choice of foods that will help you to burn away fat and keep you healthy at the same. A sensible diet is a healthy diet.

You may be looking for some instructions or some detail right about now, but in truth, we've pretty much covered the bases. Naturally you'll want to know which exercises are best to tone up your thighs as well as additional exercises that tone up all the muscles in your body. Don't be afraid that exercise will cause you to bulk up. That's one thing men are better at than women. Men bulk up, women firm up (men do also). You'll also need to do a little studying into what a really good diet consists of. If you think proper nutrition and not just weight loss, you'll come up with the most effective diet.

Here's the “secret”, and it's offered at no charge:

1 - Understand that there's no such thing as “spot” fat reduction. You have to lose fat from all over your body in order to lose thigh fat.
2- Determine which exercise program will best fit your needs.
3 - Determine what kind of a diet will best fit your needs.
4- Get going. You'll need Determination, Patience, and Persistence. It will take time.