Mild Scoliosis

Easy to Understand Information on Mild Scoliosis

Mild scoliosis should not be a cause for alarm as it is not serious and it someone who has it will not require any treatment others than simply begin monitored.  Scoliosis is a curving of the spine from side to side.  It can make the hips and shoulders look as if they are not even.  Individuals that are suffering from this curving of the spine will have a few different treatment options available to him or her.

The curving of the spine varies in degrees.  This is going to determine if you have mild, moderate or severe scoliosis.  Mild scoliosis is when the spine is curved less than twenty degrees.  However, patients that are suffering from moderate or severe scoliosis are going to find that their spines are curved a lot more than twenty degrees.  These individuals may need to undergo treatment options to help them with this problem.

Individuals who suffer from more than mild scoliosis may be given braces to wear.  This option is usually for children that have a cure that is between 25-40 degrees and they are still growing.  If the curve progresses beyond 50 degrees and braces did not work then surgery may be required.  Adults do not usually have a curve that is more than 40 degrees.  However, if the adult has a curved spine that is approximately 40 degrees and they are suffering from a lot of pain then their doctor may want to conduct surgery to help improve the situation.

There are a lot of different beliefs related to what causes all types of scoliosis, including mild scoliosis.  Some studies have been done that have pointed to certain genes within the body’s genetic makeup.  Other physical abnormalities such as unbalanced muscles around the vertebrae may also lead to this complication.  Biological problems such as complications with protein in the body can also result in scoliosis.

There are several different risk factors related to mild scoliosis and the more severe types as well.  The first risk factor is related to different medical conditions that affect the body’s joints and muscles.  These include things like arthritis and muscular dystrophy.  Other individuals such as dancers and swimmers may also be at risk.  This may be because they are loosening the joints and putting stress on the spine.  Keep in mind that these are not the only sports that may result in scoliosis so it is best to be fully aware of how your body is reacting to all of the strain that you are putting on your muscles and joints.

If you have suffered from scoliosis you are going to want to be aware of some future complications that you may suffer from.  The first one is spinal fusion disease.  This is a result of surgery and results in the back muscles being weakened.  Disk degeneration and low back pain may also be experienced.  Other people may experience high loss or lumbar flatback.  If you do no experience any of these, you may have uneven hips and/or shoulders.

If you are concerned about scoliosis or you have mild scoliosis talk to your doctor.  Be sure that you are checked regularly so that you can have the curve of your spine measured.  If you have scoliosis and it appears that the symptoms are getting worse talk to your doctor about what measures you can take to help improve your condition.  Finally, remember that mild scoliosis is not really anything to worry about as long as you are taking the steps necessary to monitor it and make sure that it is not getting worse.  Your doctor may also be able to give you exercises and different things you can do to maintain it where it is.