Neck Cramp

All About Neck Cramp

A neck cramp may be the result of sleeping in an uncomfortable position. But there are many other reasons for this condition. A neck cramp could be from a strain or movement that you are not used to doing. It could also be only a symptom of some other illness. To be sure, you may want to learn why you are having this type of pain.

The symptoms can vary depending on how you got the neck pain. They include an inability to move the neck comfortably. Your head may also start to ache and the cramping may travel to the back and shoulder area and cause a tingling sensation to the upper arms. People who suffer with neck pain can become withdrawn, fatigued and depressed.

If the neck cramp persists for more than a few days you may want to make an appointment to see a doctor. He can do X-rays and CT scans to look for any damage to the neck area.  When an injury to the neck happens there can clearly be swelling of the neck joints and obvious muscle spasms. He will be able to determine what is causing the pain and what to do about it.

A neck cramp or pain can also be the result of a whiplash. A whiplash usually occurs from a car accident. The spine and neck are literally stretched and head can snap back and than quickly forward. Since a whiplash affects the spine and neck there can be equal pain in both regions. After a whiplash injury, it can take quite a while for the area to fully heal and patients may also need rehabilitation therapy to recovery.

Problem with gums and teeth can produce pain in the neck area. Tooth decay and rotting can lead to infections that go into the neck as well as the head and face. It may be easy to identify a neck infection because one or more lymph nodes can become swollen around the ear and upper throat areas. Swollen lymph glands or nodes are a sign that an infection is present with in the body. So these types of infection can cause pain, discomfort and problems with the neck. Gum diseases are also known to cause damage to the heart.

Having too much stress in your life can cause headaches as well as neck pains. Migraine headaches are a direct result of too much stress. This condition causes pain on both sides of the head and down each side of the neck. If you are having problems with headaches and neck pain at the same time, you should try to reduce stress levels to combat the pain.

Rheumatoid arthritis can affect the neck area. Arthritis is a condition that goes after all joints and causes pain and stiffness. As the condition progresses it gets worse. Usually, rheumatoid arthritis is hereditary and can run in your family. If it is detected early on, bone loss and joint stiffness can be eased and the damaged can be slowed down.

The most common reason for people to have a neck cramp is a simple strain to the neck area. Usually they do not notice the pain until they wake up the next morning. It may be mistaken for a bad nights sleep and dismissed. These types of strains usually go away by them selves in a few days depending on the severity of the strain. This is not a serious injury and an ice pack and anti inflammatory drugs can alleviate the pain. If neck persists for over three days and it interferes with your quality of life, it is time to contact a doctor.