Negative Effects Of Alcohol

What Are the Negative Effects of Alcohol?

There are numerous negative effects of alcohol that you need to be concerned with if you are drinking on a regular basis.  Alcohol can have a negative effect on all of your body’s organs.  If you are drinking on a regular basis, you are most likely going to do damage to your body.  This article is going to examine some of the possible negative effects of alcohol.

Alcohol can have a lot of negative effects on your life in social, psychological and physical aspects.  You may be arrested for your alcohol use or you may even be in an accident.  Some people may even become violent towards others.  This can create a lot of family conflict and issues that are going to need to be addressed later.  You need to understand that, often times, alcoholism does not just affect you.

Some of the negative effects of alcohol may be short term while others may be long term.  When you are suffering from long term effects they are not going to go away when you are done drinking.  You may suffer from blackouts that may clear up and go away once you have been sober for a long time.  However, you may be suffering from long term issues such as cirrhosis of the liver that is not going to go away.  This can result in liver failure.  When you begin drinking on a regular basis, you are slowly killing yourself.

Continually drinking is also going to have a negative effect on your brain.  You are going to be killing your brain cells each time that you consume alcohol.  This can result in what is called wet brain.  This basically means that your brain is no longer going to be functioning properly and you are going to suffer from issues such as memory loss.  There are times when this is so severe that you will not be able to control your bowels or your bladder and you may not be able to talk appropriately either.

Consuming large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis may result in alcoholism.  This is one of the most serious negative effects of alcohol.  Your body may crave it and you may think about it on a regular basis.  You will even suffer from withdrawal if you have to go without alcohol for a large amount of time.  You may feel shaky or have convulsions when this takes place.  If you are going to be coming off of alcohol with the intention of quitting, you will need to go to a treatment facility so that your withdrawal symptoms can be closely monitored.

If you or someone you know is affected by alcoholism you need to get help for yourself or your loved one.  This is the best thing you can do in order to work towards getting better and saving your life.  You need to remember that the alcoholism is going to affect everyone in your life.  You may be saving relationships in the long run as well.  It is important to find a way to mend damaged relationships so that you have loved ones close to you for support.  You are going to need them to help you get through your addiction.  You are also going to need to think about your friends.  You may need to select more positive influences for your life.  This is going to be a life changing step for you and you are going to want to have people in your life that want to see you succeed.  It is time to rid yourself of the enablers and the social drinkers you once found comfort in.  While this is frightening, it is for the best.