Negative Effects Of Caffeine

What Are the Negative Effects of Caffeine?

There are many negative effects of caffeine.  These are interesting to know, especially if you take in a lot of caffeine throughout the day.  You may want to begin monitoring the amount of caffeine that you take into your body when you are done reading this article.

It is important to understand that caffeine is a stimulant.  Therefore, when you take it into your body it is going to increase your heart rate and your body temperature.  Even taking in small amounts of it on a daily basis can cause these effects.  It can also result in caffeine dependence.  This means that your body is going to crave the caffeine. You may even experience negative side effects if your body does not get the caffeine that it is use to having.  Some of these effects may include irritability and headaches.  You many even feel very tired like you have the flu.  If you attempt to stop your intake because of the negative effects of caffeine, you may suffer with these feelings for days or even weeks.

Negative effects of caffeine also include a disrupted sleep pattern or sleep cycles.  You may notice that when you have coffee or pop in the morning, you feel like you have a lot of energy.  Many people rely on the caffeine to give themselves the extra “boost” they need to get going.  However, if you continue this intake throughout the day, and close to bedtime, you are going to have a difficult time resting and sleeping well.  Therefore, if you notice that this is happening to you, you are going to want to stop your caffeine intake in the early afternoon so that it has enough time to leave your system.  This is going to help you relax and rest better at night.

There are many negative effects of caffeine for people that have other mental health problems like panic attacks or generalized anxiety.  The caffeine can interfere with any of the medications that the person is on.  It can also cause them to have more panic attacks or to slip into a depression.  That is because the caffeine will ultimately decrease the dopamine that the body produces.  The dopamine is used to help make the body happy and when it is decreased, you will be less happy.

If you have any type of heart problems or high blood pressure, you should avoid large amounts of caffeine all together.  It was previously mentioned that caffeine will increase your heart rate and your blood pressure.  Therefore, if you have any of those types of complications, you may want to avoid drinking caffeine on a daily basis and becoming dependent on it.  If you are concerned with any of these types of complications, you may want to talk to your doctor.

Finally, negative effects of caffeine can be seen in individuals that have irritable bowel syndrome or crohn’s disease.  The caffeine is going to cause the stomach to produce more acid.  This is also going to cause the individual to have more problems with their bowels and have increased bowel movements.  This can be very unpleasant.  Therefore, if you know that the caffeine is causing some of these complications, you will want to stop drinking it.

The negative effects of caffeine are numerous.  If you have large amounts of caffeine each day, you are may want to consider decreasing your intake.  You can begin weaning yourself off of it if you are concerned about withdrawal symptoms.  Gradually get your body use to not having it.  If you are not sure where to start, you can talk to your doctor.