Numbness In Right Arm

Common Causes - Numbness In Right Arm

If you have numbness in your right arm you should consult your physician.  This can be caused by numerous different things and it is difficult to make a diagnosis unless you are properly examined by your healthcare provider.  This article will look at a few common causes of this symptom but it should not take the place of a doctor’s visit.  If, at any time, you feel that there is something wrong with you extremities you should schedule an appointment to meet with your doctor.


Carpal tunnel syndrome may be a common explanation for people that may engage in repetitive movements or actions involving his or her right arm.  This disorder occurs when the tendons or ligaments in the wrist become enlarged or inflamed.  This will then result in numbness or a tingling feeling.  A chronic kidney disease symptom-numbness in right arm, could also be a cause.  You should be aware of this as a symptom for chronic kidney disease because if this disease is not diagnosed properly and treated it can lead to end stage renal failure.  Neuropathy could be another cause.  This could also be called ataxia and it is a rare disorder that is often inherited.  It results in defects related to the cells that produce energy in the cells.  This effects the nervous system and can cause symptoms such as right arm numbness and other muscle problems.

Different foods that you eat can also cause this numbness.  For example, if you eat a shellfish that is contaminated you may suffer from symptoms like numbness in your right arm.  This may not sound like a common food poisoning symptom but the symptoms can depend on the food that you eat.  While this may sound severe, food poisoning as a cause may be a lot easier to manage than a disease like chronic kidney disease.  Something as simple as falling asleep on your right arm or leaving it hanging over a chair for to long can cause it to go numb.  These are simple explanations that are not cause for much concern.  If this is the cause, the numbness will most likely go away shortly after it begins.

Other disorders like cervical disk syndrome can cause this right arm numbness because the nerve roots that come for the neck part of the spinal cord become compressed.  This is generally diagnosed by a CT or MRI.  These are tests that your doctor will need to specially order for you.  Therefore, you should take the symptom – numbness in right arm very serious.  You should talk to your doctor and work with him or her to find the underlying cause of the symptom.

As this article has shown, there can be numerous causes for this uncomfortable symptom.  When you do speak to your doctor about this, you are going to want to be able to give him specific information so be prepared.   You are going to want to tell him when the numbness began and for how long it lasted.  He may want to know what types of repetitive activities you may engage in.  This is going to help him determine if it is caused by a disorder like carpal tunnel syndrome.  You may also want to have some family history ready related to diseases and disorders such as kidney disorders and neuropathy.  Finally, the doctor may not be able to determine what the cause is so easily.  Therefore, he or she may order specific tests to help them make a diagnosis.  If the numbness continues while you are waiting for answers, ask the doctor what you can do to be more comfortable.