Okinawan Tea

The Truth About Okinawan Tea

One of the new fads is drinking Okinawan tea. The main reason for this craze is likely due to the fitness and overall good health of those living on the small island in the Pacific. However, there have been many people (especially online) selling “Okinawan tea” at a relatively expensive price. These companies claim that the tea increases the number of calories you burn per day in order to increase their client base and have customers agree to the steep price. Throughout this article we will examine this “special” tea and find out the truth behind the companies making millions from this drink.

First let’s examine the benefits that those consuming Okinawan tea according to the online sellers. Most people selling this special tea claims that it helps with losing weight by burning almost half of the calories you intake in one day. Furthermore, they claim that the tea will also increase your energy and may be able to reduce your chance of getting various types of cancer. On top of these things, your immune system is claimed to become stronger if consuming this tea, while also slowing down the aging process. Some companies even claim that drinking this tea will “melt away your fat.” Obviously these situations are said to increase the likelihood of your living a longer, healthier life.

How are these companies able to fool the general population into paying outrageous prices for tea? Well, first they use the health of those in Okinawa as an example of how well this tea truly works. The people of this region tend to have more members of their society that live up to and beyond the age of 100. Furthermore, unlike the high obesity rate within America, Okinawans only have up to three percent of their population considered to be overweight. Although they do consume a great deal of tea (green tea), most people within this region avoid starches and instead eat foods that are high in carbohydrates such as rice and beans. Obviously it is not likely that their consumption of tea is the only reason for their healthy bodies; however, those that drink tea are said to be more likely to burn calories and be watchful of the things they eat.

Now, we have so far established that paying a ton for “Okinawan tea” means that you are truly just paying for a type of green tea that has recently hit the shelves of almost every grocery store and gas station throughout the country. However, consuming green tea does increase the likelihood of a person being able to burn more calories, but it alone will not make you as healthy as those living in Okinawa, despite what these companies continue to preach.

As of now, there has not been any scientific research done to compare the green tea that is consumed in Okinawa and the green tea you find within your local supermarket. However, it has been proven that drinking green tea is good for you and your body. Therefore, why pay for Okinawan tea that may not even be as healthy as your traditional green tea at your local grocery story that has already been proven to be healthy?  Furthermore, all green and black tea comes from the plant camellia senensis with the color and name of the tea differing depending on how long it was fermented. Therefore, the chances of the Okinawa brand of tea being healthier are slim to none.

In conclusion, stay away from companies online claiming to sell this tea that is sure to increase your health and expand your life. Note that this tea is probably not healthier than your green tea that can be found in store all around you. Green tea is very healthy and is definitely recommended; however, this “special blend” of tea from Okinawa is merely a scam that should be avoided at all costs.