Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Olive Oil Hair Treatment Offers Many Benefits

Even though olive oil is typically used for culinary purposes, it has proven to be useful for many other purposes.  From cosmetic treatments to medicinal properties, it has purposes the reach far beyond the kitchen.  It is known to have healing properties and is rich in many vitamins and minerals.  Useful in treating ailments like ulcers and helpful when it comes to softening the skin, olive oil can be a wonderful way to soothe and pamper yourself.  In fact, olive oil hair treatments are one of the most popular ways to soften and strengthen your hair, no matter how damaged it might be.  Plus, it’s a great way to save on expensive salon treatments by getting the same great results right at home for a fraction of the price.

How Olive Oil can Benefit the Hair

Many centuries ago, different cultures were using olive oil for many cosmetic purposes.  The Egyptians are thought to be the first people to discover its wonderful properties when it comes to healing the skin and hair.  Olive oil hair treatments are still popular today.  It can cure conditions like lice, can treat dandruff, heal damaged hair, treat dry hair, and eliminate split ends.  This easy to use treatment is gaining popularity as many people are opting for at home treatments in place of more costly treatments at a spa or salon.  Also, it is a wonderful and soothing way to keep the scalp clean and dandruff-free.  Best of all, because olive oil is something you use in your kitchen anyway, you have access to it anytime you need to pamper yourself.

Because it’s rich in Vitamin E, it is a wonderful way to moisturize the hair and skin.  Carefully selecting the best olive oil will ensure you get the best possible results.  Extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil is the best quality available.  “Cold pressing” to extract the oil allows it to retain all of its healing properties, which will benefit you in the long run.

Preparing for Treatment

Before starting the olive oil hair treatment, you’ll want to make sure the oil is at room temperature.  If you keep it in your refrigerator, let it sit and come to room temperature for about a half hour before you use it.  You’ll also want to be prepared to get oil on your clothes by wearing a towel draped over you.  You should apply the oil all over the scalp in sections and then coat the hair.  You’ll then let the hair rest with a towel on it for about an hour to allow the healing properties of the oil to soak into your hair.

Once you’ve completed the treatment, it’s time to wash your hair and find out how the treatment worked.  You should expect to wash your hair more than once to get the oil out.  And, once you’ve dried your hair, it’s time to enjoy how soft and silky it is now.  You are sure to love the way the olive oil hair treatment makes your hair look and feel.

The Benefits of Olive Oil Hair Treatment

It’s no wonder olive oil has been used for centuries for much more than culinary purposes.  Because of its wonderful vitamin-rich healing properties, it is often used for cosmetic and hair treatments as well.  From softer skin to stronger hair, there are many things that this soothing oil can do for your appearance.  If you want to make your skin or hair look and feel better than ever, trying an olive oil treatment might be the best way to get amazing results without spending a fortune on a spa treatment.  If you like to pamper yourself, you may not need to look any further than your cupboards to get the most soothing treatment possible.