Piles Problem

How To Avoid A Piles Problem

People who have problems with bowel movements may also have a piles problem. Piles are another word for hemorrhoids, a medical condition that happens for several reasons.  It can be from straining while trying to go to the bathroom or it can be a reaction from changes occurring after child birth. It is a painful and irritating condition that has different levels of severity. There are first, second and third degree piles and although they are listed in different degrees they are still hard to live with.

The anal canal has a lining and inside this lining there are spongy pads of skin tissue. These pads help hold in a bowel movement until it is time to use the bathroom. When we become constipated, we strain when trying to go. The straining causes the spongy pads to droop down into the anal canal.  Since the pads contain many blood vessels they fill up with blood and become small sacs. The hemorrhoid becomes a piles problem.

People of all ages can have a piles problem. But most sufferers are older people and the causes for this condition change with age. For older people standing up for many years puts pressure on the anal canal and the spongy tissues. After years of straining to use the bathroom they may have more than one pile problem and depending on the severity they may need surgery to be rid of them.

The symptoms of piles or hemorrhoids can be swelling and itching at the site. There can also be bleeding, pain and a discharge from the anal area. But when the pile is clearly visible and protrudes from the anus it is known as a third degree case of piles. Even when they are this bad there are things you can do to help alleviate the piles problem.

This discharge that leaks out of the anal cavity can irritate a hemorrhoid. Be sure to keep the area clean and dry and instead of wiping the discharge off with toilet paper, use a soft tissue and dab the area. Wear loose underwear so that tight fitting clothing does not irritate the hemorrhoid. Do not scratch the pile area because this can make the pile problem worse.

One of the biggest things you can do to avoid hemorrhoids is to find out the reason why you are constipated. Usually it is because you are not incorporating fiber into your everyday diet. But it can also be from medications prescribed by a doctor. In either case eating more fruits and vegetables can help. There are also many fiber supplements out today that can help these types of problems. But never take a laxative when you are having a piles problem. This can cause the hemorrhoid to swell and become more irritated and even know it will help with constipation for the moment, it does nothing for future occurrences.

If all else fails and you cannot get relief for your piles problem than surgery may be the answer. After a doctor accesses your specific problem he may want to either treat it with anti inflammatory crème or he may want to remove the hemorrhoid completely. He also may choose to try and strangle the spongy sac with a band. Either way, the surgery is done under a local anesthetic and the person who receives it can be fully healed in less than a week’s time. The surgery is uncomfortable and painful but once it is healed the patient will never have to suffer with the problem again.

Hemorrhoids are not serious unless an infection starts because of excessive itching. If you have a fever and a reddening of the anal area along with piles, you should see a doctor.