Raspberry Extract

The 'Goods' on Raspberry Extract

Raspberries are a good source of minerals such as magnesium, iron and calcium and raspberry extract is not just for a flavoring. Many of us just think of them as one of those summer berry luxury but this fruit along with its leaves is making its name known for more than a delicious snack, a flavor for a rich coffee or a gourmet dessert.

The bush of the raspberry is a native of North America but now days is cultivated in many countries not only for the delicious berries but for their many medicinal properties such as the common cold and/or sore throats, conditions like diarrhea, and for pregnancy, as well as support for postpartum.

Raspberries, along with other berries such as cranberry, blueberry, strawberry, bilberry and elderberry have high concentrations of ellagitannins the body is able to turn into ellagic acids. Ellagic acids are known for the effect they have on the growth of cells and surrounding tissues of the breast, skin, prostate, esophageal, colon and pancreas by stimulating the activity of such enzymes as glutathione S-transferase. Being a powerful antioxidant ellagic acid can not only regulate these cells but it promotes their overall health as well.

Dieticians and those in the natural hygiene field of health alike have long understood the importance of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet for overall health and well-being. Today, more than ever the properties of these foods are being recognized for the important jobs they do within the body.

When the antioxidant of raspberries were studied at the Ohio State University their anti-angiogenic properties were found to have an effect on skin cancer cells that are not found in the antioxidants of other foods. They act as free radical scavengers that have the ability to stop the affects of irritant-causing chemicals that can cause cancer.

Raspberry extract is a long time remedy for conditions of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, alike and the natural form of salicylates they contain provides cardiovascular support as well as reducing the levels of glucose helping to keep the blood sugar levels normal.

It is not known how many hundreds of years women have used raspberry extract for the many conditions associated with a woman's menstrual cycles. It is helpful with regulation and decreasing the heaviness of flow many women suffer. Pertaining to pregnancy, it is used to offset morning sickness, help those who have had previous miscarries by strengthening the uterus and then relaxing it during labor.

Taken in a tea or tincture form raspberry extract provides iron as well as a number of other nutrients the body needs for providing total strengthening care throughout delivery and helping to prevent postpartum hemorrhage afterwards.

Raspberry leaf tea is good for the skin by acting as an astringent. For the irritated skin it tightens the top layer, reduces secretions and improves tissue firmness. When used as a wash it will soothe both it and the throat-especially if it is sore or irritated.