Recommended Daily Sugar Intake

The Truth About Recommended Daily Sugar Intake

As of now there is no recommended daily sugar intake. Since sugar does absolutely nothing nutritional for the body it is not recommended for anyone. But it is thought that in moderation it may not have any bad affects, as long as the intake is limited. Doctors say that the recommended daily sugar intake should be no more than forty grams a day and people do not seem to be concerned about this because the average adult can eat as much as two hundred grams of sugar a day.

It may be hard to understand why sugar is so bad for the body. It does not have a lot of calories per teaspoon and little to no fat. The problem lies with how much sugar we eat. Sugar is addicting and we start this addiction when we are very young. People grow used to eating sugars every day and it becomes a comfort food.

In its pure form sugar contains vitamins and nutrients and it is a different color. But through refining it changes chemically. First the sugar is pressed into a juice. Then it is processed into brown sugar and finally it is processed again into pure white crystals. These crystals are a foreign chemical to our bodies and our digestive system does not know how to digest and get rid of this non nutritional substance.

The full affects of eating crystal white sugar might not be seen until a much older age. By then the pancreas, adrenal glands and endocrine systems are already negatively affected and the damage may be permanent. After that it is only a matter of time before all organs are damaged as a result of eating too much sugar.

If you exceed the doctors recommended daily sugar intake, you open yourself up to ailments that are not necessarily fatal but costly and damaging to the body. One of the most affected places sugar damages is the teeth and bones.

Tooth decay and rotting is directly due to too much sugar. Sugar helps to promote unhealthy teeth and can also lead to cavities. It can cause bleeding gums and if children have too much, it can cause the bone structures in their mouths to change. This often leads to a need for braces in the teen years. Sugars can cause an over growth of fungus and yeast within the mouth also.

Since good dental health throughout life directly affects the heart, then it is safe to say that high amounts of sugar can affect it also. One of the best ways to insure a longer life is to floss and brush the teeth twice a day. But when you are eating a lot of sugars, you my as well skip the good dental hygiene measures, because you are defeating your purpose. Unless you are prepared to brush and floss your teeth every time you eat sugar, you will need to limit yourself to the recommended daily sugar intake to avoid damaging your heart.


Sugar is the main reason for things like diabetes and hyperglycemia. Too much sugar eaten over a long period of time can affect blood sugar levels and the symptoms of diabetes start to become apparent. The symptoms include being extremely thirsty and a significant weight gain. When diabetes has been diagnosed, the infected person may have to be injected with insulin everyday to maintain a steady blood sugar level. Most people that get this type of diabetes can be completely cured by a change in diet. If they eliminate their daily sugar levels and lose the excess weight, they can be completely cured.