Recurring Yeast Infection

Information on a Recurring Yeast Infection

A yeast infection is very uncomfortable for the woman that is experiencing it and when it is a recurring yeast infection it can be even more stressful and annoying.  There are several reasons why women may get these infections but there are also a few things that she can do in order to help clear them up and stop them from happening.  This article is will help you determine what you can do in order to make them stop.

The first thing that will happen when you are trying to stop a recurring yeast infection is a trip to the doctor’s office.  This is the most important step for you to follow through with because it will help you determine what is causing the infections in the first place.  In order to find a solution and a way to stop the infections you must find out what is causing them.  This is why the office visit is going to be crucial to your health.

When you arrive at the doctor’s office, he or she will talk to you about your current health and diet.  The doctor may also talk to you about some of the common causes of recurring yeast infections.  Some of these causes may be stress, being on birth control medication, being pregnant, having a weak immune system or even using soaps and such that have perfumes and fragrance in them.  Your doctor will talk to you about these causes in order to determine if that is what is causing your recurring yeast infection.

You need to be very cooperative and complete any tests that your doctor wants you to complete.  In the office, the doctor will most likely complete a pelvic exam.  He or she may also test a sample of the discharge by sending it to the lab.  Your doctor may also ask you to have a blood test in order to send it to the lab for tests as well.  These tests need to be completed in order to help your doctor determine what is causing the recurring yeast infection.  Without a cause, there is no accurate cure.

Once a cause has been determined, your doctor will spend some time talking to you about what different treatment options you have.  You need to think about what the doctor is telling you and ask any questions that are coming to your mind.  It is very important to also do everything that your doctor tells you to do and you need to follow all of his or her instructions to a tee.  At times, you may get a recurring yeast infection because of the clothing that you wear and other issues that you can control.  For example, if the soap you are using is causing the problem, it may be a good idea to stop using the soap.  You should definitely end this usage if the doctor tells you to stop using it.

A recurring yeast infection will not be life threatening for you but it will be very irritating for the person that is experiencing it.  It can become very difficult for you to concentrate if you are the one that is having this problem.  The itching and burning sensations that you are experiencing can make it difficult for you to function and carry out with your normal routine.  If you are suffering from this problem you need to call your doctor as soon as possible.  You can also purchase an over the counter medication and begin using it in order to see if it is helping you.  This may give you some relief until you get to the doctors office.